How to Make Yummy Apricot Balls

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. On this very festive day, I have decided to share with you one of my favourite easy to make dessert recipes for Christmas and special occasions. This easy and tasty dessert recipe is for apricot balls! Even if you are not into cooking or baking, this recipe is so easy and so tasty, you would be crazy not to give this a go. This recipe and more can be found at Best Recipes.



500 g of dried apricots, chopped
One 395 g of condensed milk
2 1/2 cups of coconut
Extra coconut for rolling


1. Combine all ingredients
2. Wet hands and roll mixture into small balls then coat with extra coconut
3. Refrigerate or freeze later

They don't have to look perfect. The apricot balls above are the ones I have made myself. As long as they taste great, that is all that matters :-)


A Lifetime of Experiences

I have had experienced many great things in my life and through my travels over the years and I thought it was worthwhile sharing my favourite experiences and achievements here with you.
Sometimes it is worthwhile to take a step back and look at what you have already achieved rather that worry about the future. It keeps you grounded and you can see how far you have come.
Every little experience you have in your lifetime adds up and contributes towards the person that you become, so it is important to treasure these moments and pat yourself on the back for achieving them no matter how big or small. I hope that some of the things on this list inspire you to go out there into the world and create your very own list of life changing and amazing experiences!

My favourite life experiences:
Moving out of home
Getting my driver’s licence
Graduating University
Having the drive and luck to find a job in the industry I wanted to work in
Having the guts to step away from a job I did not enjoy
Meeting my boyfriend who makes me a stronger and better person every day
All of the catch ups, outings and parties I went along to, giving myself the opportunity to develop life long friendships with people that I can truly connect with and trust
Singing up on stage in front of my high school on my own
Performing on my own on stage in a shopping centre at 15 as a semi finalist to receive a scholarship to the Australian Acting Academy  
Shooting a gun at a shooting range
Riding a horse
Starting a Blog

My favourite travel experiences:
Flying over the grand canyon in a helicopter
Standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Walking through the Colosseum in Rome
Getting lost in the lane ways of Venice
Standing in Times Square New York
Visiting the home of Mozart and the Sound of Music in Salzburg
Seeing the wright brother’s plane in the Smithsonian museum as well as seeing the white house and capitol building in Washington DC
Experiencing the magic of Disneyland and Disneyworld
Having the solitude of standing on a beautiful beach alone with no other living person in sight
Snorkelling on the great barrier reef
Seeing a rare coastal emu and her two babies up close in the wild
Kissing my boyfriend under lovers arch in Capri
Experiencing the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and Singapore
Seeing clogs, tulips and windmills in the Netherlands
Walking through the Catacombs in Paris
Visiting the Berlin wall and the Holocaust museum
Going to the Dachau concentration camp and standing inside the gas chambers
Walking through the ruins of Pompeii
Visiting the most beautiful beach in the world, Whitehaven Beach
Riding a raft down a river through a small town in the Czech Republic
Seeing a show on Broadway
Learning about how limoncello is made in Sorrento
Visiting the amazing towns that line the Amalfi coast
Riding a Gondola in Venice
Seeing the amazing coloured buildings of Borano
Having my future told, listening to jazz and drinking a hurricane on Burbon Street in New Orleans
Seeing the Sydney Opera House lit up with colours and pictures for Sydney Festival
Experiencing the sights of Melbourne
Attending a massive music festival in Adelaide
Watching a live rodeo in Texas
Tried to eat a burger in Memphis that was bigger than my head
Discovering the sights of the historical German city of Dresden and the medieval town of Meissen
Visiting a castle that had a mote with bears in it in Cesky Kromlov
Eating steak in a steak house at Amarillo
Discovering the city of Prague
Walking through the ultimate fairy-tale castle, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Visiting the Casinos along Las Vegas Strip
When I was in Bruges
Seeing the pope in Rome
Drinking in a Beer hall in Munich
Walking through Central Park in New York 
Seeing amazing art and artefacts at the Louvre
Watching an orchestra play Motzart in Vienna
Visiting monument valley
Seeing Arch De Triumph in Paris
Seeing the Statue of Liberty in New York
Strolling the sandy beaches of Miami
Going to NASA in Florida and seeing the space shuttles Discovery and Atlantis sitting on the launch pads.
Standing on top of the Austrian Alps in Innsbruck
Visiting Elvis’ house in Memphis
Stepping back in time through America’s history in the historical towns of St Augustine and Savannah
Visiting the tropical beaches of Waikiki in Hawaii
Throwing a Coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Staying at a secluded lodge amongst the Austrian Alps in Grunau
Skiing the slopes at Thredbo
Walked through the Notre Dame 
Tried my hand at archery in Grunau Austria 
Spending the day on the Italian Island of Capri
Standing inside the Vatican in Rome
Riding a bike through the German countryside
Staying at Daydream Island in the Whitsunday's
Walking the red light district and seeing an adult show in Amsterdam
Visiting the Opera house that Phantom of the Opera was set in, in Paris
Visiting FAO Scwartz in New York

 Do you share any of my life or travel experiences? 


Perfection in Prague

Prague is a magical city that is also the capital of the Czech Republic. It has such a lovely old school charm and is a relatively new tourist destination for foreign tourists as this is a country which was under communist rule until 1993.

This city is exactly how you would picture a bustling medieval hub with stunning historical buildings, cobble stone streets and a beautiful castle.

The astronomical clock is one of the biggest tourist attractions. It is a very old clock and every hour the clock puts on a little show with moving parts and a little tune. It is amazing to see the huge crowd that comes out every hour to see this clock.

The castle grounds are also a huge highlight for this city with so much to see and do and lots of history to learn. The castle chapel is stunning and the golden lane is also a highlight of the visit where the life and times of medieval Prague is recreated.

I also have to recommend joining up for a walking tour to find out more about the hidden history behind this city. The tour we joined included a lovely cruise along the river that passes directly through the centre of the city.  We also had a traditional Czech meal included for lunch.

You can also go see some great traditional shows in this city for a good price. Or if you are into the night clubbing scene, there is a massive five level night club called Karlovy Lazne that is worth a look! Every level had a different theme with different genres of music and includes amazing light effects and decorations. Apparently this club is the biggest in central Europe!

Just having a walk through the streets of this amazing city and popping in to take a look at some of the local stores is entertaining in itself. Nothing beats absorbing yourself into the culture and doing as the locals do. 

You must also have a stroll over Charles Bridge which is another major site in this city. It is a very old bridge covered in historical statues depicting different people in various scenarios. This bridge can often be lined with little souvenir stalls also.  

This city is also famous for the potent alcohol absinthe where you will even find a few absinthe bars. If you are after some unique souvenirs, some of my favourites would have to be the puppets and babushka dolls. 

Have you ever visited Prague? Is this a place you would like to visit?


Pinterest Love This Week

Pinterest is pretty great huh! I have been pinning like crazy this week and I thought you may like to see some of my favourite Pinterest Finds. If you would like to follow my Pinterest boards, you can find me here.

Beautiful People: Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is my all time favourite heart throb, so obviously I had to pin him to my beautiful people board. Not only does he play my favourite superhero of all time, Superman, but obviously he is really really hot! It also helps that he is a nice guy too.

Life: Quote

Sometimes we forget to live in the now rather than spending our time reflecting on the past or planning in the future. There is a sense of calmness and peace when you put these things to the side and focus on the here and now. Thanks Pinterest quote for this piece of inspiration!

Style: Heart Shades

For one this photo is beautiful, and secondly it sells these glasses very very well! I just love cute things and these heart shapes sun glasses are very very cute!

Childhood: Rainbow Bright Stickers

I have a board dedicated to everything I remember and treasure from my childhood and I just had to add this to the collection. They are rainbow bright stickers! I really enjoyed this cartoon when I was a kid and I loved the character rainbow bright. 

Pastels: Model

Pastels is my newly created board. I realised that I am constantly drawn to this pretty and feminine colour palette, so I decided to start a collection of pictures filled with pastel colours. This is one of the most stunning pastel pictures I have found so far.

Cute Animals: Christmas Kitty

What would the internet be without cute animals? I found this lovely christmas kitty picture on Reddit and I just had to share it in the world of Pinterest because it is just that cute! 

Cute and Random Products: Sandwich Lunch Box 

How adorable is this? A sandwich lunchbox shaped like a lunchbox! I want one I want one I want one! :-)

Photography: Buda Holding a Plane

Obviously Pinterest is all about the pictures so my photography board gets filled up pretty quickly! I love this picture in particular because I can't get over how perfectly timed this shot was.

Do you love Pinterest as much as I do? Make sure you click on the pictures above which will direct you to Pinterest so you can pin these picture for yourself. You can even choose to follow me and my boards if you wish :-)


On The Weekend: Arj Barker, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Ducks

I am getting in early this weekend to tell you all about what I have been up to, as most of my weekend shenanigans took place on Friday and Saturday! I have had a full few days and am currently enjoying a lazy Sunday.

My weekend really kicked off at lunchtime on Friday where I attended an industry charity lunch at the RNA Show Grounds for the Brisbane Advertising Association. We got half the day off work as well as free food, alcohol and entertainment, yay!

The lunch was a lovely three course meal and we were spoilt for entertainment with the headline act being one of my favourite comedians, Arj Barker! I have seen him live before and he doesn't disappoint. So funny! 

Then on Friday evening I saw the stage musical of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with my sister. My sister and I used to love watching the movie when we were kids so we just had to see the stage show when it came to Brisbane. 

Before the show started we enjoyed having a close look at the replica of the car as well as some of the merchandise sold back in the day when the movie first came out. 

The musical itself was fantastic! I really enjoyed it. Some parts of it were slightly different to the movie but overall they did such a great job transferring it from the cinema to the stage. It was great hearing all of those songs again and after watching the musical I just had to go home and hire out the movie to watch again too. 

After a busy Friday, I took it slow on Saturday getting things done around the house. My boyfriend and I also decided to head to the botanical gardens and feed the ducks. Whenever I visit these gardens, I always find something to take photos of. All of the trees and plants are beautiful and the pond where we find the ducks is very picturesque also.

It has been a while since we visited to feed the ducks and this time we found a whole new breed of duck here that we had never seen before. They are brown with bright light blue eyes. 

As we throw out bread scraps into the water there are two breeds of ducks, two breeds of black water dwelling birds with red and blue beaks, the almost vulture like ibis's at our feet and little Mini Mynas swooping over our heads.  

It didn't take long for all the bread to be pecked up by all of the birds that came out for a feed!

After spending the morning at the gardens, My Boyfriend decided to purchase a venus fly trap from a local store. He has wanted one for a long time and he loves catching bugs to put in it. He really is just a big kid sometimes! :-)

So this has been my weekend! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend too!


Christmas Traditions in Australia

Have you ever wondered how we celebrate Christmas in Australia? You can probably guess we have no white Christmas here! To enlighten you all on what we get up to down under on this very special holiday, I have put together this lovely list of Australian Christmas traditions. This is all from my perspective as I am sure there are variations on this in the households across Australia. 

A Red Hot Christmas:
Traditionally, Christmas day is often one of the hottest days of the year here in Australia so a large part of our Christmas celebrations circulate around the summer heat. We always have Christmas by the pool with the air conditioning on full blast, ducking in and out of the pool all day and heading back inside for a Christmas lunch. Some families even head to the beach for the Christmas period and spend the holiday by the sea side.

Christmas Lunch:
The food we eat is also influenced greatly by the heat. Our lunches usually consist of salads, as well as cold ham and chicken. We will also whack some steaks and sausages on the BBQ because it is too hot to cook on the stove. 
One of the biggest Aussie favourites over Christmas if you are a seafood lover is fresh prawns or ‘shrimp’ as you call them in America. Also unlike what you may believe, we are more likely to cook a steak on the barbie than a shrimp! Even if we don't BBQ them for Christmas, we sure do eat them. The favourite prawns to eat over Christmas would have to be the tiger prawns or king prawns and they must be eaten cold. Just peel them and eat them! 
When it comes to dessert time, we often opt for yummy pavlova and rum balls!

Christmas Lights: 
Many people enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit and choose to decorate their house in Christmas lights.  If you are really dedicated to decorating your house and turning it into a Christmas wonderland, you can join the 4KQ Christmas Lights Competition which is held in my home city of Brisbane. I’m sure there are similar competitions like this across the country also. 
When you join the competition, your house gets included with a whole list of other houses in the local newspaper and if you are one of the winners, your house will be highlighted on the list as a must see! Many families will grab the Christmas lights list from the newspaper, circle all of the ones they wish to see and have a night out with the family visiting all of the best Christmas lights our city has to offer.

Christmas Carols:
We love listening to the traditional Christmas carols here in Australia however there are a few traditional carols that we have altered and personalised to include some Australian lyrics, and we even have a few of our very own Christmas Carols. 
We have the Christmas carol titled ‘Six White Boomers’ which is a song about Santa riding his sleigh with six white Kangaroos, aka ‘Boomers’. 
‘12 days of Christmas’ is also a very famous carol over here that has been infused with a bit of Australiana. For example, the line ‘A partridge in a pear tree’ has been changed to ‘An Emu up a Gum Tree’ in the Australian version. Every line of the song has been changed to include native Australian animals. 
‘Jingle Bells’ is also given an Aussie touch with lyrics such as: Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way, Christmas in Australia on a scorching summer's day, Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas time is beaut, Oh what fun it is to ride in a dusty Holden Ute”

Oh Christmas Tree:
Real Christmas trees are available in a few locations but everyone pretty much owns the fake ones that you put up over Christmas and pop back in the box for the rest of the year. Our Christmas tree tradition is much the same as it is celebrated in most parts of the world by decorating the tree with tinsel and decorations as well as placing all of our presents under the tree.

No Chimneys Here: 
How can Santa come down the chimney to deliver the presents to the children if we don’t have chimney’s? I don’t know what other children were told but when I was young, my parents told me that he had magic dust that made him very small so he could fit under the door. On his arrival we will leave milk and cookies for him and maybe even a hand written note if he was lucky.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions in your country? 

If you are from Australia, are there any important traditions here I may have missed? Please do share! :-)

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