The Eiffel Tower in Paris

Last year my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to escape to Europe on an epic six week holiday. It was such an amazing trip and I would like to share a few of the best pictures, memories and tips with you, and this post is all about the very iconic Eiffel Tower!


The Eiffel tower truly is an amazing, iconic building and it is even more impressive seeing in person. We visited this structure twice during our visit. Once during the day and then at night. I have two great memories linked with the Eiffel Tower which I will share with you below>>

The Busking Rabbit: 
We were walking towards the Eiffel Tower on our first visit when we came across a busking rabbit…yep a real rabbit! There was literally a rabbit sitting there on a concrete block with a little cup sitting next to him containing coins...He actually got a lot of tips too! As we were standing there, perplexed and amused, a police officer came and informed the rabbit’s owner that the rabbit was an illegal busker and must be taken away. FYI the police don't take too kindly to busking pets in Paris!

Pretty Lights: 
We stepped off the train at the Eiffel Tower stop and started walking in the direction of the Eiffel Tower. As we turned the corner past some trees, we see the Eiffel Tower bursting with twinkling lights! It was a truly magical moment. We were both so excited and amazed to see this and we soon started taking crazy, awesome and wonderful photos and video of the glittering Eiffel Tower and photos of each other in front of the Eiffel Tower. By the way, the above pictures have not been enhanced, and I love them! 

More of our Eiffel Tower Photography:

Travel Tip:

Would you like to go up the Eiffel Tower but avoid the epic crowds? Why not head up the tower in the evening? The Eiffel Tower is open until 11 pm! We visited the Eiffel tower at about 10 pm and it was fantastic! No line, we wen’t straight to the top with no hassle, and the best part…no crowds! Also seeing the the twinkling lights of Paris of an evening isn't too bad either! 


To live, work and travel on the road in a caravan

Sure it sounds like the dream of a grey nomad, but as I sit in my office, chained to my desk, looking at the beautiful day outside my window, I can't help but think there has got to be a better way. A better way to live and a better way to work.

One idea I always seem to come back to is buying a caravan and travelling the country. In an ideal world I would love to buy a caravan with my boyfriend and we would travel the country and make money doing odd jobs and eventually generate a steady income through my boyfriend's mobile welding business and my writing.

At the moment it is only a pipe dream. We would have to give up a lot, it's unconventional and there are risks, but there are a lot of positives as well.

This is what holds me back:

  • What if we can't get work?
  • What if we run out of money?
  • Will we hate each other after living in a caravan together 24/7?
  • We will have to give up on the life we are living now
  • We won't be near our family and friends

This is what pushes me towards the idea:

  • We only live once
  • We may as well do it while we are young and not tied down with too many responsibilities
  • We have more freedom and aren't tied down to a daily routine
  • We get to travel the country
  • Neither of us particularly like our jobs and it would give us an opportunity to pursuit things we enjoy
  • We would meet new people and experience new things

Like I said, it is only an idea, and probably not overly realistic, considering in my head we would also be travelling around in a super cute caravan like this one:

For some reason I don't think my boyfriend would share the same enthusiasm for this caravan! :)


The following blogs have provided inspiration for me and have helped me form a new love of vintage caravans!

Heart Handmade UK -Check out these super cute vintage caravan interiors!

Foxs Lane: Classic & vintage caravans - This talented lady is writing her own book about vintage caravans!


What do you think? Have you ever felt like getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and escape it all for good? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Change of Colour

So I took a bold move this week...Well bold for me as I don't often step outside of my comport zone.

I changed my hair colour!

Yes shocking i know. My hair is naturally dirty blonde and over the years I have added layers of blonde highlights to it, which has now mostly grown out, so all of my life I have had blonde / dirty blonde hair.

Now my hair is a dark, earthy brown and I actually really like it! The colour is a semi-permanent rinse, so it will wash out. I think a semi-permanent rinse is a great way to test out a new hair colour, and if you don't like it, you know it is going to wash out anyway!

Here are my before and after pics:

Do you think its a good change? Do you prefer blonde or brown hair? Let me know what you think! :)


About Rowdy Fairy

Peek into the world of Rowdy Fairy and find a blog full of inspiring stuff, pretty pictures, quirky things, great advice, honest opinions, amazing places, travel tips and useful ideas.

What is included in this Blog?

I will be posting lovely and interesting things on the following topics:

  • Stuff I'm Into - Sharing a bunch of great stuff I find and enjoy each week.
  • Trend Spotlight - Showing off awesome trends in products, beauty, fashion etc.
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  • Bits and Pieces - The leftover bag of posts that are interesting and worth sharing.

I will also be updating 'Picture of the Week' and 'Product of the week' in the left sidebar of the screen weekly.

Who is Rowdy Fairy?

I am a 26 year old girl living in Australia. Most of my days are spent working in an office and in my spare time I enjoy finding random and fun things on the internet, taking pretty photos, writing, eating yummy food, shopping, exploring new places, and meeting new and interesting people.

The meaning behind Rowdy Fairy

Rowdy’ is a nickname given to me by my friends back in high school, because I was so quiet, shy and pretty much the furthest thing from rowdy. I identify with the nick name because I guess I see it as my alter ego, or the ‘real’ me that I feel I can be when I am alone or with those I care about the most. It’s the side of me that others don’t often see in public. The confident, loud, creative, quirky, opinionated and extroverted me. 

Fairy’ is how the world sees me in public. An introverted, awkward, shy and delicate fairy that would never say or do anything wrong by anyone. Both halves make up who I am and I hope to share my life as a whole with you through my interests, tastes, experiences and opinions.

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Tania xx

Things I'm into this week

  • MacBook Pro with Retina display
  • New Treadmill
  • Firefly
  • AskReddit
  • Bloglovin
  • Wattpad

MacBook Pro Retina:

I recently stepped over from PC to MAC in a big way this week by purchasing a fancy 15” Mac Book Pro with Retina display.
I made this purchase because my HP Laptop was giving me some real issues after 3 years and lots of friends recommended I switch to Apple! I also wanted to fork out a decent amount of money for a good laptop that will last and I knew that Mac’s aren't prone to getting viruses which was a big issue with my PC!
So anyway the laptop is pretty awesome! The resolution is amazing and the start-up and shutdown is super quick! I must admit it has been a bit of a learning curve for me, having never used a Mac before. I have to get used to all of the little differences that the Mac offers but so far it has all been pretty easy to pick up.
One thing I love is being able to download things from the app store onto my Mac, just like my I phone. I am going to go nuts downloading different photo editors and games.
One thing I don’t love so much is the fact that the super amazing video editor can’t recognise the high def AVCHD video files from my video camera! That means I have to download a converting program to convert all my video files into a format the Mac likes. What a Biatch! Can you tell I’m slightly disappointed by this??
Despite this issue, overall it is a pretty awesome laptop and I am hoping it will be even more awesome as I discover more and more about what my Mac has to offer.

The New Treadmill:

Yeah well it was my boyfriend’s idea to make this purchase but I must admit I think it is a good one! I work 8.30 – 5.30 so I can never find time to exercise (it also doesn't help that I don’t reallly enjoy exercising either). Anyways I really feel like I need to exercise a bit more and get fit, because although I am quite slim, I swear I am entirely made of jelly. I don’t believe that there are any muscles there.
So I have started by doing a jog for 15 mins every day after work and I hope I can keep it up and even push myself to jog even longer. The treadmill is also set up next to the TV so I can watch it while I exercise. I hope that we make good use of it and that it doesn't end up as an object collecting dust in the spare room.


My sister introduced me to this TV series and I love it! My boyfriend and I have both watched the entire first series in 1 week and we are so disappointed that the series was cut, even if the show is about 10 years old. If you have never seen it, I recommend you find it and watch it…now! 

Sure, it’s a Sci-Fi about space cowboys which sounds pretty lame but it really is fantastic. The characters are so well developed and the story lines keep you hooked. There is a great balance of action, mystery, humor and romance and it starts the lead actor from ‘Castle’ (Natahn Fillion) who is awesome in the role. So yeah watch it watch it watch it watch it! :-)


I am pretty much addicted to Reddit. More specifically, Ask Reddit, where people post random questions and anyone and everyone can provide answers. Most questions are about every day life and I find it fascinating as it gives me a glimpse into other peoples lives and how they think, feel and act. In a way it makes me feel more connected to the world when I find myself relating to the questions, answers and stories. It also helps me discover different perspectives on different every day topics. The concept is pretty simple but It really is something else!


I’m pretty new to the blogosphere but it hasn't taken me long to discover Bloglovin. It’s a great way to discover new blogs for me to follow and provides and easy and user friendly way to read the best posts from my favorite blogs. Also if you write your own blog, you are missing out if you are not apart of this!


I literally just discovered this website and I love the concept. Readers and writers unite in the online world and it is all free! To be honest I haven’t been reading much lately but I have a bunch of friends who read constantly and would love this. I think this website will encourage me to read more because the stories are conveniently right there for me on my computer screen. Despite not reading as much as I should, I do enjoy writing, and I would love to put some of my story writing out there and get some feedback.
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