About Rowdy Fairy

Peek into the world of Rowdy Fairy and find a blog full of inspiring stuff, pretty pictures, quirky things, great advice, honest opinions, amazing places, travel tips and useful ideas.

What is included in this Blog?

I will be posting lovely and interesting things on the following topics:

  • Stuff I'm Into - Sharing a bunch of great stuff I find and enjoy each week.
  • Trend Spotlight - Showing off awesome trends in products, beauty, fashion etc.
  • On The Weekend - Join me as I discover great places and fun things to do around Brisbane on my weekends and days off.
  • Thoughts and Opinions - My thoughts and opinions on social topics and life in general.
  • Ideas and Inspiration - Sharing amazing ideas and things that will inspire you.
  • Travel Diary - The best pictures, memories and tips from my travels.
  • Tips and Advice - Providing tips and advice on a range of personal, social and practical topics.
  • Bits and Pieces - The leftover bag of posts that are interesting and worth sharing.

I will also be updating 'Picture of the Week' and 'Product of the week' in the left sidebar of the screen weekly.

Who is Rowdy Fairy?

I am a 26 year old girl living in Australia. Most of my days are spent working in an office and in my spare time I enjoy finding random and fun things on the internet, taking pretty photos, writing, eating yummy food, shopping, exploring new places, and meeting new and interesting people.

The meaning behind Rowdy Fairy

Rowdy’ is a nickname given to me by my friends back in high school, because I was so quiet, shy and pretty much the furthest thing from rowdy. I identify with the nick name because I guess I see it as my alter ego, or the ‘real’ me that I feel I can be when I am alone or with those I care about the most. It’s the side of me that others don’t often see in public. The confident, loud, creative, quirky, opinionated and extroverted me. 

Fairy’ is how the world sees me in public. An introverted, awkward, shy and delicate fairy that would never say or do anything wrong by anyone. Both halves make up who I am and I hope to share my life as a whole with you through my interests, tastes, experiences and opinions.

Contact me!

I would love to hear from you for feedback, post ideas, collaborations or just to say hello!

Follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Or email me at the following address: tcfairyqueen@gmail.com

Tania xx


Lani said...

You sound wonderful, interesting and delightful! I look forward to "discovering" you! Best of luck with new blog!

Sims Wishes said...

Oh thankyou so much! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Stephanie said...

Very nice blog :) Really love your pictures!

Sims Wishes said...

Thank you so much Stephanie :-)

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