Change of Colour

So I took a bold move this week...Well bold for me as I don't often step outside of my comport zone.

I changed my hair colour!

Yes shocking i know. My hair is naturally dirty blonde and over the years I have added layers of blonde highlights to it, which has now mostly grown out, so all of my life I have had blonde / dirty blonde hair.

Now my hair is a dark, earthy brown and I actually really like it! The colour is a semi-permanent rinse, so it will wash out. I think a semi-permanent rinse is a great way to test out a new hair colour, and if you don't like it, you know it is going to wash out anyway!

Here are my before and after pics:

Do you think its a good change? Do you prefer blonde or brown hair? Let me know what you think! :)


Unknown said...

Hi! Thanks for popping by my blog today and sharing yours. I love finding new blog talent (have now followed you on Bloglovin') As for your hair I think it looks great both ways. I'm a natural dirty blonde but have been blonde most of my adult life. Occasionally I go dark, and love it for about the first month but I always end back blonde. Maybe, once a blonde, always a blonde! Anyway, look forward to reading more on your little blog here.

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