To live, work and travel on the road in a caravan

Sure it sounds like the dream of a grey nomad, but as I sit in my office, chained to my desk, looking at the beautiful day outside my window, I can't help but think there has got to be a better way. A better way to live and a better way to work.

One idea I always seem to come back to is buying a caravan and travelling the country. In an ideal world I would love to buy a caravan with my boyfriend and we would travel the country and make money doing odd jobs and eventually generate a steady income through my boyfriend's mobile welding business and my writing.

At the moment it is only a pipe dream. We would have to give up a lot, it's unconventional and there are risks, but there are a lot of positives as well.

This is what holds me back:

  • What if we can't get work?
  • What if we run out of money?
  • Will we hate each other after living in a caravan together 24/7?
  • We will have to give up on the life we are living now
  • We won't be near our family and friends

This is what pushes me towards the idea:

  • We only live once
  • We may as well do it while we are young and not tied down with too many responsibilities
  • We have more freedom and aren't tied down to a daily routine
  • We get to travel the country
  • Neither of us particularly like our jobs and it would give us an opportunity to pursuit things we enjoy
  • We would meet new people and experience new things

Like I said, it is only an idea, and probably not overly realistic, considering in my head we would also be travelling around in a super cute caravan like this one:

For some reason I don't think my boyfriend would share the same enthusiasm for this caravan! :)


The following blogs have provided inspiration for me and have helped me form a new love of vintage caravans!

Heart Handmade UK -Check out these super cute vintage caravan interiors!

Foxs Lane: Classic & vintage caravans - This talented lady is writing her own book about vintage caravans!


What do you think? Have you ever felt like getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and escape it all for good? I would love to hear your thoughts!


Vanessa and Jana said...

Really very cute! We hope you enjoy your summer, we just had an amazing BBQ evening with friends. Summer is just the best season don't you think?
All the best from lovely Berlin,

Jana & Vanessa

Catherine said...

Hello Rowdy Fairy, and thanks so much for visiting The Spring Blog! Now I see why you're wanting to get out on the road... and I know what you mean. We love to travel but need to be in the city for work, so the compromise is that we've drawn up a list of places within a day's drive from where we live that we'd love to explore... beaches, little towns, areas with some interesting natural features to go walking in... and whenever we have a day or weekend off, that's what we do. Hit the road. Maybe some day it'll turn into a bigger trip (I love the idea of a cute caravan too) but since I'm not from Australia I think it's easer for me to see all the amazing things right around us here in Brisbane. Your blog is lovely, I'm looking forward to reading more from you! Have a great week! x Catherine @ The Spring Shop & Blog

Unknown said...

All the time! I say go for it. There are so many things I should have done when I was younger that I kind of regret. Now I try to make the most of every opportunity. What have you got to lose? If it doesn't work out you end up home and take thins from there. Do it! Do it! :)

Sims Wishes said...

Thanks for your comments guys! I really appreciate it! :)

Lublyou said...

I'd say "Yes!" if you want it! Or if both of you agree that you want it! But it'll be a great test of how you can manage fun and not-so-much-fun times together. Seeing the country and travelling while young is always something that pushes me to go places. I think it'll be fun to hit the road in a caravan, and I'd be looking forward to seeing your photos from the trip! :-)

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