Colour my September Day 1 - Red

Today is September 1st, which is also the first day of the 'Colour my September Photography Challenge'. The Colour of the week is RED and I have already taken my first 4 pictures for the challenge!

I am already seeing some submissions come through via Instagram with the hashtag #colourmyseptember / #colormyseptember! To find out more about this photography challenge and to add your blog to the link up click here.

So here are my first few photos with many more to come! The first picture is the kitty cat Kimba sitting on a chair that happens to have a red cushion on it! The second picture is the kitchen table at my parents house. The third picture is of some flowers in my parents front yard and the fourth picture is some venetian glass my parents own that they have out on display in their house. I guess you can tell where I have been on my weekend :-)

I look forward to checking out everybody else's submissions! 


Brand Spotlight: I Like Pretty Things

I have a brand spotlight to share with you all this week, and today's brand is the lovely Etsy shop and Rowdy Fairy free sponsor, 'I Like Pretty Things'. This lovely little Etsy store sells some cute little critters, a variety of clocks in the form of books and records, as well as my favourite -cupcake stands made from old records! 

I like Pretty Things is the Brand Spotlight for this week.

I also wanted to add a quick plug for my 'Colour my September Photography Challenge' Starting September 1st! Pop on over to my post explaining what it's all about, join the link up and have fun taking photos! 

Stuff I'm Into This Week: Great Blogs and a Colourful September

I have been hunting all over the blogosphere for great posts and I have found some beauties this week! I also have a piece of photography inspiration of my own I would like to share with you!

Edenland - The Average Mental Health Patient
The Fab Blog ‘Edenland’ by Eden Riley has highlighted a very important topic in her most recent post – Mental Health! It is something that is not discussed enough in public. It is always something that is hidden in the shadows, and people are afraid to talk about it openly, but more people are cursed with mental health problems than we are aware of. Edenland has done a great job of highlighting the topic in this post. Worth a read!


Colour My September Photography Challenge
I love taking photos and looking at other people’s great photos, so I came up with this little photography challenge for the month of September! Basically a colour has been assigned to each week of September. Week 1 is RED, Week 2 is BLUE, Week 3 is YELLOW and Week 4 is GREEN. 
All you need to do is take as many creative pictures as you like that match the colour of the week and share them on your Blog, Facebook or Instagram accounts. I am hoping it will encourage everyone to get creative with their photo taking and it is easy to keep up with because you don’t have to take a photo every day. So please do link up your page to this challenge, join in and colour your September with some fab photography!

Toast Idea by a Beautiful Mess
Sure ‘toast’ may not seem very exciting, but ‘A Beautiful Mess’ has managed to do just that! How does toast get more exciting you may ask? By adding a combination of Ricotta, fruit and honey onto that piece of toast! Genius right? I would never have thought of putting fruit on my piece of toast but I think I will have to give it a go.

Messy Nessy Chic Blog 
I always find amazing things on this blog! It is just a great space where you can find links to some fascinating and amazing stuff from around the world. I particulary enjoy the feature post ‘13 things I found on the internet today’. Check it out, it is worth a look!


Colour My September - Photography Challenge

Taking Photo’s is the best isn’t it!? I love taking photos and looking at other people’s great photography, so thanks to some inspiration from the amazing photography challenge ‘August Break 2013’ By Susannah Conway, I have decided to create this wonderful Photography Challenge:

This is a very simple photo challenge that will be running for the month of September that encourages everybody to take creative photos, share them with the world and connect with fellow photography enthusiasts. There is no excuse not to be involved because the rules are so easy! 

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a pro, this little challenge suits anyone and everyone with access to a camera! 

The Rules

Every week of September is assigned a colour:
Week 1: Red
Week 2: Blue
Week 3: Yellow
Week 4: Green

    Over that week, take as many creative photos as you can that fit with the colour of the week.
    Share your photos via: Your Blog, Instagram or Facebook 

    Include the hashtag #colourmyseptember or #colormyseptember depending on your spelling preference of ‘Colour’ – ‘Color’, followed by a hashtag of the colour of the week eg: #red #blue #yellow #greenThese hash tags are especially useful in Instagram so that we can all find each other’s pictures!
    Depending what you prefer, you can post these pictures daily or place them into a collage to share with others at the end of the week.
    The week commencing will begin every Sunday and conclude on Saturday.
    If you are sharing your pictures via your blog, grab one of the challenge buttons from this link here to add to your blog or posts to show your support and involvement in the challenge.

Support This Challenge

Please feel free to grab one of the challenge buttons to stick on your blog or posts to help promote this fun photography challenge. The bottons are available in American spelling versions also and can be accessed from this link here or by clicking on the images below.

The more people we have involved, the more fun and interactive this challenge will be!

 Join in and Share

If you have a blog where you will be posting these challenge photos too, add a link to your page to the link up list below so others can follow you on your ‘Colour my September’ journey! 
Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you are up to date on who is involved in the challenge.

Take Lots of Photos and Have Fun!

And that’s it guys! Get Ready to join in on the fun from September 1st.

This photography challenge is pretty easy, lots of fun and a great way to share great pictures and get to know new people!
Also remember this is not a competition. Just a great reason to take some fab pics and get sharing! 
P.S – Feel free to join in the fun at any stage over this month. This is an informal challenge that is all about taking great photos, sharing them and having fun!


Style by Instagram

I don't consider myself a style guru by any mile, but I do enjoy buying clothes and putting outfits together sometimes. In fact, I enjoy it so much some days that I feel the need to share my style creation with the world via Instagram, and now I have decided to share a snippet of my style here on my blog with you! 

All of these photos and more can be found on my Instagram page. If you would like to follow me on Instagram you can find me here: @rowdyfairy

Judging form these pictures I guess you could describe my sense of style as feminine, girly and a little bit quirky with a slight hint of sophistication maybe? I enjoy ruffles, bold prints, figure hugging shapes, a bit of bling and feminine colours like pinks and reds. I also enjoy a shorter length jacket generally because I am a pear shape and I find the shorter jackets even out my figure.

Do any of these looks appeal to you? How would you describe your style?


Beautiful Queenslander Houses

I grew up in a ‘Queenslander House’ which is the name given to the traditional style of houses unique to my state of Queensland. I have a soft spot for these charming homes because I think they are beautiful and a little bit special.

A typical Queenslander house is made of wood with a tin roof, a balcony or ‘Veranda’ as we like to call them in Australia, and a hallway that stretched from the front, right to the back of the house. Original Queenslanders are often built on stilts but many of these houses today are built in underneath to take advantage of the extra space.

These Queenslander house features are deliberate to suit the hot weather we have here. The tin roof reflects the sun rays. The wooden walls are often painted a light colour to also reflect the sunlight. These houses also feature a hallway which stretches though the entire house so that the doors can be left open at both ends for the summer breeze to sweep through the whole home and keep it cool.   

I have such a love for these houses and I enjoy photographing the ones that I like as I see them, so I thought I would share them with you! I hope you love them as much as I do! :-)

Also please pardon the garbage bins out the front of the houses! Looks like it was garbage day when I took some of these photos :-S


On The Weekend - Paddington Antique Centre

It's time to inject some vintage into your day! Where could she be this weekend I hear you say? Well the title says it all really....

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I had a lovely lunch at Java Lounge followed by a visit to the Paddington Antique Centre. The Paddington Antique Centre is my favourite antique store in Brisbane and all of the beautiful antiques are housed inside an old theatre! Java Lounge, which is situated right next to this antique store, also happens to be one of my favourite coffee shops in the city! Match made in heaven for a perfect weekend! 

This is my go to dish at Java Lounge - a stack of corn fritters with bacon and tomato relish. Yum!

My boyfriend was just as pleased with his selection. Poached eggs with avocado, tomato and halloumi cheese!

The Paddington Antique Centre is a piece of history filled with pieces of history. It is such a joy to wander through this marvellous place. 

Every corner of this building is a maze of quirky and beautiful clutter. Every pocket is filled to the brim with items from yesteryear.

Every little room has something new to share, whether it be furniture, nick nacks, fashion, ornaments, decorative items or war time artefacts. 

This is one of my favourite little spaces in this place because every shelf and surface is filled with pretty, feminine clutter. 

There are also racks filled with vintage fashion from various eras. So many patterns, styles and colours to choose from.

Would you like a hat with your teacup? There are just as many hats in this place as clothes and probably more cups and saucers than all of the hats and clothes combined! 

After wandering endlessly through this place, I did actually make a purchase! I decided to buy this book titled 'The Girls Own Annual' It was published in 1911 and it is filled with stories and information that any young lady would need to know during this particular day and age. It is in pretty good nick for a book that is over 100 years old don't you think! 

So far it is a fascinating read, and I hope to create some blog posts dedicated to the little historical wonders I find in the pages of this book. It is like a time capsule containing the thoughts and ideas of people and society over 100 years ago! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, packed full of vintage wonder! How was your weekend? Did you have a vintage inspired weekend too? :-)


Trend Spotlight - Jewellery Boxes

My trend spotlight for this week is jewellery boxes. I would happily purchase one of these little charmers and sit it on my bedside table, however all of my jewellery would not fit in just one, so I may have to buy them all...They are just too cute for words! I especially love how they look like miniature pieces of furniture. I hope you like them as much as I do :-) 

Button Swaps and Free Advertising on Rowdy Fairy

I have been a busy little bee lately trying to make my blog look pretty and add a few new features such as my menu bar with links to all of my post categories, and some social media buttons all made by me. I hope you like the new look! I have also added a few tabs on my blog including 'sponsor', 'links' and 'buttons'.


I have decided to delve into the world of sponsors and offer free advertising on my blog! This is where my new 'sponsor' tab comes in! I will be offering advertising space in my left side bar as well as featured posts and reviews for all brands, shops, websites and products that I believe are a great fit with this blog and its readers. And yes, it's all free! 


As I am a newbie blogger, I really appreciate any support I receive and I am also more than happy to provide help and support right back, which is why I have included a 'links' tab where I will be sharing great link ups as well as a blog button wall full of blogs I love and button swaps!


If you would like to swap buttons and be on the blog button wall, feel free to grab one of my buttons from the 'buttons' tab and send me an email with your button. Easy as that! Under the 'buttons' tab, I have three different button size options you can choose from that come in two different styles. 

I also wanted to say a quick thank you to all of the readers and followers of Rowdy Fairy. I love reading all of your comments on each post! 

I am also super keen to receive feedback, so if you have some ideas on how I can improve my blog, please shoot me through an email. I would love to hear from you! :-)

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Here is a cute picture I found on the internet to make your day even more awesome! 


Stuff I'm Into This Week - Photos From History

It's all about history this week for me, so I am keen to share some amazing photographs from history that I have found over the last week. If you would like to visit the source of these pictures, just click on the picture you like! :-)

These fascinating pictures show modern day places blended with major historical events. It just amazes me to think of the horror those men faced on that beach which today looks like just another beach that people can enjoy. And the second image really highlights for me what a terrible life changing event it would have been for the French people when Hitler and the Nazi's invaded their country. These pictures really cause you to appreciate the history behind these lovely places!

This is a beautiful quality picture of the titanic in colour! Click on the picture to see more colour pictures of the Titanic thanks to Retronaut.

These are some Australian mug shots from the 1920's. I am especially drawn to the photos of the women. They seem so emotionally drained and hopeless! Hardly the faces of hardened criminals. 

This is a picture taken in a hanger with passengers preparing to board a Zeppelin in 1936. This thing looks amazing today and must have been such a marvel back then!

I love everything to do with history. Photos from history immediately transport me back to another world whenever I look at them. I hope these pictures have the same effect on you too! 


The Louvre - Paris

I’m a massive history junkie so when I was in Paris, I had to visit the Louvre. It truly is one of the best museums in the world!

When you first step into this massive museum, it can be a bit confusing at first. It is hard to know where to start and it is very easy to get lost! I was especially excited to see the Egyptian and Roman artefacts. The stories and history behind each piece is just mind blowing!

Even if you have no interest in art or history, this place is at least worth visiting to see the beautiful building. A corner of the museum even has ‘The Napoleon III Apartments’ which shows how the rooms would have looked in the days of Napoleon, before the building became a museum.

The only downside to this museum is the massive crowd of people. Occasionally you will find a pocket of the museum with barely anyone in it, but the most popular artefacts and artworks such as the Mona Lisa, are constantly surrounded by a swam of people.

Travel Tip: 
I would recommend turning up early just before it opens! The line may look long but they filter people through quickly and the line will only get longer as the day goes on. You will also beat the crowds inside the museum by arriving early also.

Have you been to The Louvre? What is your favourite museum? :-)


How to Appreciate the Life You Have and Turn Those Negatives into Positives

Sometimes it can be hard to really appreciate the life that you have. At times, you can’t help but look around at others who seem to have a better house, better job, or better life than you and compare yourself to them, but we must remember to take a look at ourselves and value what we have in our own lives.

It is also okay to not be happy with a particular part of your life, such as you crappy car, family troubles, or your bad habits for example. The negatives are just as important because they can act as fuel to strive you towards improving those parts of your life, so rather than seeing them as a hindrance, consider them as opportunities in your life you can improve on and strive towards. Obviously your expectations for things to strive for also need to be realistic!

How to be more appreciative:

When it comes to reflecting on yourself and your attitude towards your life, I am a big fan of writing down a list! Grab a note pad and write down the things you appreciate in your life. List off as many things as you can such as your significant other, a pet or a hobby you enjoy. Take the time to look at this list and understand why you appreciate these things in your life. It will help you feel more positive about your life and yourself!

Don’t forget to add the little things in life too! Why not take some time in your day to pause for a bit and soak up the little wonders in the world around you. It is even better if you can do this outdoors where you can appreciate the little things, like the feeling of sunlight hitting your face, the sound of tweeting birds, or the way the wind sweeps through the trees. If you feel as if there is nothing else in your life you are appreciative of, taking the time to do something like this allows you to appreciate the fact that you are alive and have the opportunity to witness and experience the amazing things this world has to offer.

How to strive towards improving the negative areas in your life:

You will need to write yourself a list for this one too! Write down all of the negative things that impact you and your life. Once they have all been written down, put each of them into the following categories:

  • An Opportunity to Improve
  • A Change of Attitude
  • Acceptance

An Opportunity to Improve’ is all about finding a negative in your life that you can realistically improve on and using it as motivation to turn that negative into a positive. For example, you may have a terrible habit you can’t break. If you keep feeding that problem with negative energy, it will never improve. Instead, focus on how much better your life will be without this habit and use it as motivation to break it!

Part of appreciating yourself and the life you have is recognising the negative areas and learning to appreciate them too, and this is what ‘A Change of Attitude’ is all about. You may recognise that some of the negatives aren’t that bad after all. For example, if you hate the freckles on your face, make the conscious effort to pick out the positives. Your freckles probably look cute and give you a unique edge that others don’t have! Just a simple attitude change like this can completely flip that negative into a positive!

If there is a negative in your life you cannot realistically improve on, ‘Acceptance’ is needed! Some things in life we just cannot change, and that’s okay! One of the hardest things to deal with in life is the death of a loved one and this example is one reality we all must come to terms with. During hard times like this, it is especially important to look back on the things we appreciate in life and draw positivity from that.


So take a look back at your notes! I’m sure you have quite a long list now! Not only are there lots of things in life you can appreciate, you may have also learnt to appreciate some of the negatives in life too whether it be by changing your attitude or using that negative as motivation. Life isn’t perfect however, and we are all going to have negative things in our lives niggling away at us, but if we can stay positive and appreciate the things we do have, it will make living this life a lot easier and more enjoyable!

I hope this little post was helpful for you! I would love to hear your feedback or any other ideas you would like to add to this? :-)

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