A Warm Winter Weekend

This weekend has been lovely and relaxing and the weather has been amazing! It is Winter here but you wouldn't know it considering how warm it is outside on sunny days, and this weekend was especially sunny and beautiful!


On Saturday morning, my boyfriend decided to paint his old pot belly which he made himself a few years ago. After he was done painting, he smashed up an old piece of furniture  to use as wood for the pot belly. 

As the smoke began churning out of the chimney, it swelled in the air and created a beautiful effect when it came in contact with the vibrant rays of sun light which trickled through the leaves of the overhanging trees. 

Later that day I visited my parent's new house. The first photo is the bird bath out the front of my parent's house, the second photo is our family cat Kimba and the third photo is the suburban street my parents live on.

Later that afternoon, my mum and I took the dogs for a walk to make the most of the beautiful day. Here is a little collage of the little walk we had.


On Sunday, it was another beautiful day, so after we were done with the daily chores (grocery shopping, laundry, general cleaning fun), we decided to hang out at a little park up the road from our house. I spent most of the time laying on a towel, soaking up some vitamin D, while my boyfriend was throwing around a boomerang. He is yet to master how to get the boomerang to come back to him after he throws it!

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine! What did you get up to this weekend? :-)

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