Colour my September Day 1 - Red

Today is September 1st, which is also the first day of the 'Colour my September Photography Challenge'. The Colour of the week is RED and I have already taken my first 4 pictures for the challenge!

I am already seeing some submissions come through via Instagram with the hashtag #colourmyseptember / #colormyseptember! To find out more about this photography challenge and to add your blog to the link up click here.

So here are my first few photos with many more to come! The first picture is the kitty cat Kimba sitting on a chair that happens to have a red cushion on it! The second picture is the kitchen table at my parents house. The third picture is of some flowers in my parents front yard and the fourth picture is some venetian glass my parents own that they have out on display in their house. I guess you can tell where I have been on my weekend :-)

I look forward to checking out everybody else's submissions! 


Unknown said...

What a great start you had on your September challenge! I have submitted my first photo as well - guess who's been giving herself both a pedi and a mani this weekend :)


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