Colour My September - Photography Challenge

Taking Photo’s is the best isn’t it!? I love taking photos and looking at other people’s great photography, so thanks to some inspiration from the amazing photography challenge ‘August Break 2013’ By Susannah Conway, I have decided to create this wonderful Photography Challenge:

This is a very simple photo challenge that will be running for the month of September that encourages everybody to take creative photos, share them with the world and connect with fellow photography enthusiasts. There is no excuse not to be involved because the rules are so easy! 

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a pro, this little challenge suits anyone and everyone with access to a camera! 

The Rules

Every week of September is assigned a colour:
Week 1: Red
Week 2: Blue
Week 3: Yellow
Week 4: Green

    Over that week, take as many creative photos as you can that fit with the colour of the week.
    Share your photos via: Your Blog, Instagram or Facebook 

    Include the hashtag #colourmyseptember or #colormyseptember depending on your spelling preference of ‘Colour’ – ‘Color’, followed by a hashtag of the colour of the week eg: #red #blue #yellow #greenThese hash tags are especially useful in Instagram so that we can all find each other’s pictures!
    Depending what you prefer, you can post these pictures daily or place them into a collage to share with others at the end of the week.
    The week commencing will begin every Sunday and conclude on Saturday.
    If you are sharing your pictures via your blog, grab one of the challenge buttons from this link here to add to your blog or posts to show your support and involvement in the challenge.

Support This Challenge

Please feel free to grab one of the challenge buttons to stick on your blog or posts to help promote this fun photography challenge. The bottons are available in American spelling versions also and can be accessed from this link here or by clicking on the images below.

The more people we have involved, the more fun and interactive this challenge will be!

 Join in and Share

If you have a blog where you will be posting these challenge photos too, add a link to your page to the link up list below so others can follow you on your ‘Colour my September’ journey! 
Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you are up to date on who is involved in the challenge.

Take Lots of Photos and Have Fun!

And that’s it guys! Get Ready to join in on the fun from September 1st.

This photography challenge is pretty easy, lots of fun and a great way to share great pictures and get to know new people!
Also remember this is not a competition. Just a great reason to take some fab pics and get sharing! 
P.S – Feel free to join in the fun at any stage over this month. This is an informal challenge that is all about taking great photos, sharing them and having fun!


Unknown said...

Oh, such a great and easy challenge! I'm totally joining you for this!

Britt and Hive said...

You can count me in.

Unknown said...

OOh sounds like a fun challenge! Good luck with it :) Can't wait to see the outcomes!

Mili from call me, Maeby

Pretty in Mad said...

here I am! I participate with pleasure and thank you for your kind email, I replied! sorry for my bad English!

Zuccaviolina said...

I will partecipate using instagram! Good idea!

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