How to Appreciate the Life You Have and Turn Those Negatives into Positives

Sometimes it can be hard to really appreciate the life that you have. At times, you can’t help but look around at others who seem to have a better house, better job, or better life than you and compare yourself to them, but we must remember to take a look at ourselves and value what we have in our own lives.

It is also okay to not be happy with a particular part of your life, such as you crappy car, family troubles, or your bad habits for example. The negatives are just as important because they can act as fuel to strive you towards improving those parts of your life, so rather than seeing them as a hindrance, consider them as opportunities in your life you can improve on and strive towards. Obviously your expectations for things to strive for also need to be realistic!

How to be more appreciative:

When it comes to reflecting on yourself and your attitude towards your life, I am a big fan of writing down a list! Grab a note pad and write down the things you appreciate in your life. List off as many things as you can such as your significant other, a pet or a hobby you enjoy. Take the time to look at this list and understand why you appreciate these things in your life. It will help you feel more positive about your life and yourself!

Don’t forget to add the little things in life too! Why not take some time in your day to pause for a bit and soak up the little wonders in the world around you. It is even better if you can do this outdoors where you can appreciate the little things, like the feeling of sunlight hitting your face, the sound of tweeting birds, or the way the wind sweeps through the trees. If you feel as if there is nothing else in your life you are appreciative of, taking the time to do something like this allows you to appreciate the fact that you are alive and have the opportunity to witness and experience the amazing things this world has to offer.

How to strive towards improving the negative areas in your life:

You will need to write yourself a list for this one too! Write down all of the negative things that impact you and your life. Once they have all been written down, put each of them into the following categories:

  • An Opportunity to Improve
  • A Change of Attitude
  • Acceptance

An Opportunity to Improve’ is all about finding a negative in your life that you can realistically improve on and using it as motivation to turn that negative into a positive. For example, you may have a terrible habit you can’t break. If you keep feeding that problem with negative energy, it will never improve. Instead, focus on how much better your life will be without this habit and use it as motivation to break it!

Part of appreciating yourself and the life you have is recognising the negative areas and learning to appreciate them too, and this is what ‘A Change of Attitude’ is all about. You may recognise that some of the negatives aren’t that bad after all. For example, if you hate the freckles on your face, make the conscious effort to pick out the positives. Your freckles probably look cute and give you a unique edge that others don’t have! Just a simple attitude change like this can completely flip that negative into a positive!

If there is a negative in your life you cannot realistically improve on, ‘Acceptance’ is needed! Some things in life we just cannot change, and that’s okay! One of the hardest things to deal with in life is the death of a loved one and this example is one reality we all must come to terms with. During hard times like this, it is especially important to look back on the things we appreciate in life and draw positivity from that.


So take a look back at your notes! I’m sure you have quite a long list now! Not only are there lots of things in life you can appreciate, you may have also learnt to appreciate some of the negatives in life too whether it be by changing your attitude or using that negative as motivation. Life isn’t perfect however, and we are all going to have negative things in our lives niggling away at us, but if we can stay positive and appreciate the things we do have, it will make living this life a lot easier and more enjoyable!

I hope this little post was helpful for you! I would love to hear your feedback or any other ideas you would like to add to this? :-)


Melissa said...

I'm following you already on facebook! but now i did visit your blog! LOVE IT!
Love, The mind of an exchange

Mica said...

Great tips! Always good to appreciate things we have and look at them with a positive frame of mind :)

Away From Blue

Niken said...

so true. i need to learn to always remember to be grateful and positive.
do you live in brisbane? i just got back from there!

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