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I would like to send some love out to Carly from Crazy Speedy Love for nominating me for the Liebster award! She is a Brisbane blogger like myself and I encourage you to check out her blog :-)

The Liebster award is a fantastic little award that encourages bloggers to link up and interact. The award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers and the person giving you the award must genuinely like your blog and think its worth promoting!

Now the lovely Carly has provided me with 11 questions to answer so that you can get to know me better! In turn, I have selected 11 blogs that I love and would like to give a Liebster Award to and I will be asking the owners of these blogs 11 questions that they can answer and post on their blog. 

Seems simple enough right?

I think this is such a great way to connect with bloggers that you admire and follow.

So now it's time to answer Carly's questions!

Carly's Questions:

1 - Winter or Summer?
I am a summer girl! I'm only little so the cold goes right through me! 

2 - Diamonds or Pearls?
It would have to be diamonds. Pearls just don't do it for me sorry!

3 - Black or White?
I prefer white because it is quite a wholesome and positive colour much like light is to dark or good is to evil. 

4 - Pool or Beach?
I would have to say beach because it makes the act of swimming that much more special when you make a day out of going to the beach. Plus visiting a beach in nature will always beat out a man made pool any day!

5 - Chocolate or Vanilla?
Not too long ago I would have said vanilla because I never really used to eat chocolate, but I am now a convert. I have fallen for chocolate, I have fallen hard and there is no turning back!

6 - Flats or Heels?
I would have to say flats. Heels look so sexy and pretty but to be honest I couldn't walk in em if my life depended on it. For short distance walking and sitting down, heels are fine but for everything else I'm a flats girl!

7 - Book or Magazine?
I used to be really into magazines like Cleo and Cosmopolitan for all of the girly advice and pretty pictures, but I have been venturing more into books lately!

8 - BBQ or Picnic?
I would have to go with BBQ. I can almost smell it just thinking about it!

9 - Dog or Cat?
I love them both but I would have to say Cat. I have grown up with dogs and cats, but for some reason cats seem to love me and I love their fluffy cuteness too.

10 - Italian or Mexican?
Italian! Pizza and Pasta are some of the best foods ever invented!

11 - Wine or Beer?
Wine! No beer for me thanks.

Here are the blogs I am nominating for the Leibster award, so check out their blogs and show them some love! :-)

And the Nominees are:

The Spring Blog
Seductive Mania
Petal and Plume
Sundaes Best
Sweet Reverie
JF Gibson
My Little Sunshine House
Beautifully Inspired Blog
Frowned Upon
The Mind of an Exchange
My 2 Owls

Check this out lovely nominees. Here are my questions for you! I look forward to checking out your answers :-)

My Questions:

1 - What is your favourite candy?
2 - What is your current passion?
3 - What is your favourite accessory to wear with an outfit?
4 - What is your dream job?
5 - What are your 4 best qualities?
6 - What do you love most in this world?
7 - What is your favourite smell?
8 - What kind of music do you like to dance to?
9 - Where is home for you?
10 - What makes you happy?
11 - What do you love most about blogging?

So please share the Liebster Award Love and check out these super awesome blogs!


carly @ crazy.speedy.love said...

Great getting to know you a bit better - love your answers.
Hope you have a great weekend!
Happy Blogging!

Unknown said...

Hey Tania, thanks a bunch for checking out my blog earlier! Agreed on the Pizza and Pasta comment hahah a girl after my own heart! Congrats on the Liebster :)

xo Rachael
a runaway muse

Meghan said...

Ah! We are so similar! I was the same way with chocolate and now I love it and wine all the way, no beer for me either :) I can't wait to get to answering these questions! xxxx

Becky Kozak said...

Yay! Thanks so much for tagging me in this! I loved reading your responses, we're so alike. Also, I didn't know you were from Brisbane!! Mmm, how good would a BBQ be right now!

xo Becky

Sims Wishes said...

Are you from Brisbane too Becky?? Haha no way! Thanks for your responses on this everyone! I look forward to checking out your responses to my questions! :-)

Tori said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing all of these great blogs! I'm loving yours too! Looking forward to reading more from you:)

Much love from Tori @ ttp://www.myomlife.com/

Unknown said...

Oh Tania! Thank you so much for nominating my little blog! I am chuffed. Off to check out the blogs you nominated xx

Erika from America said...

The Liebster Award is such a great way of recognizing other bloggers as well as getting to know them! :) It's a great introduction and gives me a better idea of who you are! Congrats on the nomination! :)


Valerie said...

Thank you so much for nominating my little corner of the blogosphere! xx

Melissa said...

I decided to answer my favorite questions i got asked by my nominations, I'm posting it now! So keep tuned!

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