On The Weekend - City Life and Invisible Robots

We have had such a fantastic run with the weather lately and this weekend is no exception, which makes for perfect conditions for some ace photography! 


On Sunday, the whole goal for the day was to visit the robot event at QUT called Robotronica and oh my it was such a let down! My boyfriend and I were expecting to see robots everywhere but we did not see one robot! We had no idea what was going on, as we wandered around aimlessly amongst the crowd who were just as bewildered as we were. A comment overheard by a fellow visitor sums the event up really well:

"This elevator is the most technologically advanced machine we have seen today"

Despite the let down on the robots front, I got some nice shots around QUT Gardens Point at least to share with you guys!

This is Parliament House, which is right next to the University.

On the University Campus Grounds. Signs for Robotronica were everywhere but the event itself was less than impressive. Looks like the marketing department worked harder on this than the event planners! 

These are some of the new building at QUT. Quite spiffy! We wandered aimlessly through one of the buildings until we became overwhelmed in the mess of a confused crowd.

This was option 'B' for entertainment at the QUT event. It is the old government house which we had a quick walk through. Lovely building! By the way, this building was used in the movie 'Fools Gold' and was suppose to be some government building in the Caribbean! Actually a lot of the 'on land' parts of the film were filmed in Brisbane despite the movie being set in the Caribbean!

The University also backs onto the City Botanic Gardens, so I just had to take these pretty photos of the park with the city skyscrapers in the background.

Hidden City Pockets 

After we were done at QUT, we started walking through the city itself and we came across some amazing little hidden pockets of the city that have made for some great photos! I just love the look of rundown, rustic things and half demolished buildings!


Suitcase Rummage

We also came across this great little spontaneous market called 'Suitcase Rummage' where people sell stuff out of suitcases. There is a great mix of second hand and handmade stuff here as well as a lot of interesting characters too!

So overall it has been another great weekend full of fun pics to share! Did you have a nice weekend? x


Reanna Clark said...

I love little markets like that. I'm eyeing off those record cake tier stands!!
I've just spent my weekend studying, nothing exciting there. Yours sounds much more enjoyable!


Becky Kozak said...

That suitcase rummage sale looks and sounds amazing! I might have to try and organize something like that down here!

xo Becky

mymyitsmegan said...

I love all your pictures of the broken buildings. Also, suitcase rummaging sounds really fun. I'd love to give that a try one day :)


Taylor said...

now following you on bloglovin', love!
it's such a cute blog :)


Eatlovemerry said...

Beautiful photos!

Sims Wishes said...

Thanks for the love everyone! :)

Fiona said...

Oh I was going to go to that, heard a plug on the radio but being from the sunny coast, laziness got the better of me (maybe a blessing in disguise :P) at least you got to take some nice photos!

Julie said...

I really liked this post. It's great to see what Brizzy looks like from a local.

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