On The Weekend - Paddington Antique Centre

It's time to inject some vintage into your day! Where could she be this weekend I hear you say? Well the title says it all really....

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I had a lovely lunch at Java Lounge followed by a visit to the Paddington Antique Centre. The Paddington Antique Centre is my favourite antique store in Brisbane and all of the beautiful antiques are housed inside an old theatre! Java Lounge, which is situated right next to this antique store, also happens to be one of my favourite coffee shops in the city! Match made in heaven for a perfect weekend! 

This is my go to dish at Java Lounge - a stack of corn fritters with bacon and tomato relish. Yum!

My boyfriend was just as pleased with his selection. Poached eggs with avocado, tomato and halloumi cheese!

The Paddington Antique Centre is a piece of history filled with pieces of history. It is such a joy to wander through this marvellous place. 

Every corner of this building is a maze of quirky and beautiful clutter. Every pocket is filled to the brim with items from yesteryear.

Every little room has something new to share, whether it be furniture, nick nacks, fashion, ornaments, decorative items or war time artefacts. 

This is one of my favourite little spaces in this place because every shelf and surface is filled with pretty, feminine clutter. 

There are also racks filled with vintage fashion from various eras. So many patterns, styles and colours to choose from.

Would you like a hat with your teacup? There are just as many hats in this place as clothes and probably more cups and saucers than all of the hats and clothes combined! 

After wandering endlessly through this place, I did actually make a purchase! I decided to buy this book titled 'The Girls Own Annual' It was published in 1911 and it is filled with stories and information that any young lady would need to know during this particular day and age. It is in pretty good nick for a book that is over 100 years old don't you think! 

So far it is a fascinating read, and I hope to create some blog posts dedicated to the little historical wonders I find in the pages of this book. It is like a time capsule containing the thoughts and ideas of people and society over 100 years ago! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, packed full of vintage wonder! How was your weekend? Did you have a vintage inspired weekend too? :-)


Fiona said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad that is still around, My mum use to take me there all the time as a kid, I probably didn't appreciate it as much as I would now :P Will definitely put it and the cafe on my to-do list :)

Lavender Latte said...

LOVE the Java Lounge. So great! <3

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