Stuff I'm Into This Week: Great Blogs and a Colourful September

I have been hunting all over the blogosphere for great posts and I have found some beauties this week! I also have a piece of photography inspiration of my own I would like to share with you!

Edenland - The Average Mental Health Patient
The Fab Blog ‘Edenland’ by Eden Riley has highlighted a very important topic in her most recent post – Mental Health! It is something that is not discussed enough in public. It is always something that is hidden in the shadows, and people are afraid to talk about it openly, but more people are cursed with mental health problems than we are aware of. Edenland has done a great job of highlighting the topic in this post. Worth a read!


Colour My September Photography Challenge
I love taking photos and looking at other people’s great photos, so I came up with this little photography challenge for the month of September! Basically a colour has been assigned to each week of September. Week 1 is RED, Week 2 is BLUE, Week 3 is YELLOW and Week 4 is GREEN. 
All you need to do is take as many creative pictures as you like that match the colour of the week and share them on your Blog, Facebook or Instagram accounts. I am hoping it will encourage everyone to get creative with their photo taking and it is easy to keep up with because you don’t have to take a photo every day. So please do link up your page to this challenge, join in and colour your September with some fab photography!

Toast Idea by a Beautiful Mess
Sure ‘toast’ may not seem very exciting, but ‘A Beautiful Mess’ has managed to do just that! How does toast get more exciting you may ask? By adding a combination of Ricotta, fruit and honey onto that piece of toast! Genius right? I would never have thought of putting fruit on my piece of toast but I think I will have to give it a go.

Messy Nessy Chic Blog 
I always find amazing things on this blog! It is just a great space where you can find links to some fascinating and amazing stuff from around the world. I particulary enjoy the feature post ‘13 things I found on the internet today’. Check it out, it is worth a look!


Brandi Barrera said...

L-O-V-E! Happy Friday :-)

Unknown said...

Love that photo challenge! Cool.

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