Stuff I'm into this week - Home Deco & Blogging

I have found a few home décor bits and pieces that I am into this week from some of my fellow bloggers and I thank them for their inspiration! I have also been hunting around for various blogging tips and tricks!

The first lovely post is from ‘Oh So Lovely’ and it is all about cluttering up the wall space in your house in a beautiful and elegant way. I just love this idea because it is as if you are putting your whole life out there on the wall to display to the world. I especially like the example above where there is such a variety of shapes, sizes, images and textures on display but every bit fits together so perfectly! I love it and I hope you do too, so feel free to pop over to this blog and have a look for yourself.

Heartmade Uk has displayed some stunning home deco pics and tips which really appeal to me! The one image that really stood out for me was this one displaying a variety of different door knobs attached along a wall to be used as hangers for coats, hats and bags. 
As you can probably tell, I really love a bit of mish mash in my décor. I’m not really a fan of order and structure in my house and I love collecting odd and different things, and after seeing this pic, it makes me want to collect different and beautiful door nobs and create a masterpiece like this! Well I would if I wasn’t renting….but one day!

I recently found this link to ‘Blogacademy’ this week, who happen to be holding an event in my home city Brisbane later in the year! It is pretty much a two day course about getting the best out of your blogging. I am very new to blogging and I was considering whether it would be worthwhile going to this? It costs $750 which is quite pricey!
Have any of you been to one of these events or something similar? Do you think it is worth it?? I would love to get your input on this! 

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