Stuff I'm Into This Week - Photos From History

It's all about history this week for me, so I am keen to share some amazing photographs from history that I have found over the last week. If you would like to visit the source of these pictures, just click on the picture you like! :-)

These fascinating pictures show modern day places blended with major historical events. It just amazes me to think of the horror those men faced on that beach which today looks like just another beach that people can enjoy. And the second image really highlights for me what a terrible life changing event it would have been for the French people when Hitler and the Nazi's invaded their country. These pictures really cause you to appreciate the history behind these lovely places!

This is a beautiful quality picture of the titanic in colour! Click on the picture to see more colour pictures of the Titanic thanks to Retronaut.

These are some Australian mug shots from the 1920's. I am especially drawn to the photos of the women. They seem so emotionally drained and hopeless! Hardly the faces of hardened criminals. 

This is a picture taken in a hanger with passengers preparing to board a Zeppelin in 1936. This thing looks amazing today and must have been such a marvel back then!

I love everything to do with history. Photos from history immediately transport me back to another world whenever I look at them. I hope these pictures have the same effect on you too! 


A Possible Fantasy said...

amazing pics indeed!

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a possible fantasy

Unknown said...

These photos are awesome, especially the two first ones!

Lisa said...

I love those mug shots! So interesting.

Niken said...

the mug shot is great.

Mica said...

They are such interesting photos! Especially the first two composite ones.

Really fascinating, pictures really do say so much :)

Away From Blue

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