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Heart Breaker Laptop Cover from Typo

Since I purchased my new Mac Book Pro, I have been looking for a cute laptop cover and I think I have found the perfect one. How could I resist the fact that this case is covered in cute little hearts? I also love the shop Typo! It’s a very pretty yet simple slip in laptop case that will keep my shiny new laptop in top condition!

Fotor - Photo Editor

This is one of the easiest to use photo editing and collage websites I have found online, and it’s free. I have been using it quite a bit for my blog and I enjoy tweaking my photos to get them looking the best they can be. I especially love the various collage styles they offer which can be both simple and quirky. 

Wiccy Magic Muscles from Lush 

My boyfriend and I popped into the Lush store the other day seeking some nice smelling soap. We picked up this interesting bar figuring it was soap until the lovely shop lady informed us that it was in fact a massage bar, then proceeded to massage my boyfriend’s hand with it. He thought it was great and insisted we get it. These massage bars come in a variety of shapes and smells. This particular bar includes Aduki beans. It is a great alternative to massage oil which tends to get very messy! Neat idea Lush!


Have you ever wanted to be a journalist and write stories and articles for world class media organisations? Well now you can with this freelance, foot in the door idea. It’s a very simple yet clever idea where organisations provide a brief on what kind of story they are looking for. If you sign up to the website, these brief’s will get sent to your email address. If you receive a brief you feel you could do a story on, you can enter your own pitch for the brief and wait to hear back to see if you got the job! Or if you have a pitch idea, just submit it and wait and see if a media company is interested in picking up your idea! Who knows, maybe you could become the next Lois Lane! :-)


The veterans of the blogging world probably already know what this is, but I came across this crazy awesome widget while stalking other blogs this week. It’s a raffle widget that you attach to your blog, so you literally create your own raffle, post it on your blog, get a bunch of entries and choose a winner to receive the prize you are offering! If I had awesome free stuff to raffle off, I would totally use this widget, but I don’t have any awesome free stuff to give away…sorry guys!


Julie said...

Haha I know Wiccy Magic Muscles very well (used to work in Lush UK). Love that smell. I use the massage bars as a body moisturiser (try Each Peach and Hottie) x

KAAM {hand-made} said...

The kitty photo is the best! Nice August break photos:)

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