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I don't consider myself a style guru by any mile, but I do enjoy buying clothes and putting outfits together sometimes. In fact, I enjoy it so much some days that I feel the need to share my style creation with the world via Instagram, and now I have decided to share a snippet of my style here on my blog with you! 

All of these photos and more can be found on my Instagram page. If you would like to follow me on Instagram you can find me here: @rowdyfairy

Judging form these pictures I guess you could describe my sense of style as feminine, girly and a little bit quirky with a slight hint of sophistication maybe? I enjoy ruffles, bold prints, figure hugging shapes, a bit of bling and feminine colours like pinks and reds. I also enjoy a shorter length jacket generally because I am a pear shape and I find the shorter jackets even out my figure.

Do any of these looks appeal to you? How would you describe your style?


Kate said...

I love the idea of posting a pic every day on IG and then being able to get a wider shot of what your style looks like. I think you look super cute! And I think it looks much warmer where you are as I'm still in jumbers and thick cardis. xx

Unknown said...

I think you have great style! I love the last outfit in particular. That belt is cool

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