Things to Consider Before Applying for That Job

It's time to get informative in here everyone!
So you think you found a job you are totally keen on applying for, but before you get carried away, remember, applying for a new job is no easy decision! A lot of stuff needs to be considered before taking the plunge into a new job or career!

Is your resume up to scratch?
The first thing you must do is dust off your resume and make sure it is up to date with the latest information about you and your previous work experience. 
Make sure you keep it brief, because you don't want to bore your employer with pages and pages of text. I like my resume to be five pages max with dot point descriptions of my previous two or three jobs followed by a basic job title and duration of employment for the remainder of the resume. The start of your resume must also include your basic info such as your name, address and contact number as well as previous education and qualifications followed by a list of your skills and achievements. It is also great to attach a written reference from a previous employer to give your resume extra punch!
Looks are important too so make sure your resume looks professional with a simple tidy layout. It must also be easy to read. The employer is likely to skim through your resume so make sure the most important and relevent information stands out!

What skills do you have to offer for the position?
So what exactly do you have to offer to the role? 
Do your skills, qualifications and work history compliment the position your are applying for or is this position a completely new career path for you? 
If you are venturing towards a new and exciting career path, make sure you study up on the skills and knowledge the industry requires if you haven’t already. Don’t expect an employer to hire you if you have nothing useful to offer them that is relevant to the role.

How much do you want to earn? 
How much money are they offering for the position? If it is not stated in the ad, take note of the responsibilities required in the role and consider what the position may be worth. 
What if the income is too low in comparison to the responsibilities involved in the role? 
Is it worthwhile taking this role if the potential income is not enough to support your current lifestyle?

How many hours do you want to work?
Will the hours of work offered fit with your lifestyle or can you see potential to request more flexibility in the role? If you have a family and children to raise, you may be interested in a more flexible work environment. Before applying for the position, make sure that the working hours realistically fit in with your lifestyle or prepare to request adjustments in your application or during the interview.

Will the working environment suit you?
Do you prefer working independently or alone? Do you think you could handle a fast paced work environment or do you prefer working at your own pace? Consider how you work, and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as an employee to work out if the work environment suits you! Once you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and develop an understanding of your work style, you will be better equipped to look through the job description and decide if the job really suits you.

How far are you willing to travel to get to work?
Make sure you take into account how far the workplace is from your home and how you would intend to get there. Is the job worth it if you have to spend hours in peak hour traffic and spend a small fortune on petrol to get to work and back? 

I know I'm no HR genius, but this info is all from my own experience, so I hope you find this little piece of advice helpful! 
What other things do you consider before applying for a new job?


Becky Kozak said...

This is great and totally helpful!!


xo Becky

Maxabella said...

A nice little summary of what to consider! Can I also add, "why do I want to leave my current job?" Knowing that can sometimes save a world of heartache. x

Sims Wishes said...

yes good point, thanks Maxabella! x

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