Trend Spotlight - Lanterns

I love lanterns! I think they are fantastic additions to any occasion whether it be for a house party, wedding, children's party or just to hang up on your porch to make the house look a little bit special of an evening. Lanterns come in so many shapes, sizes and colours these days, it can be so hard to choose the best ones, so I have picked out some of my favourite lanterns for you on Etsy:

Lanterns is the Trend Spotlight for this week featuring the best lanterns on Etsy!

Do you own any lanterns? Which ones do you like best? 


Meghan said...

I love love love lanterns. The second one (rainbow cotton ball)so lovely.

We released a chinese lantern the night of our wedding and it was so fun! You have to try it out :)

Sims Wishes said...

Those chinese lanterns are amazing too! I would love to do that one day :)

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