Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

I have a wedding to go to in a few months so my mind has begun pondering what to purchase as a wedding gift! It can be difficult trying to pick the perfect wedding gift. I don't want to get the standard gift like a toaster, incase the married couple end up with five toasters! I would much prefer to get something unique and a bit personal. So after a bit of online wedding gift hunting, I have summarised a few ideas into four groups, each of which will hopefully suit different types of couples with different tastes.

These wedding gift ideas have been sourced from OZSale, Brands Exclusive, oo.com, Two Tress Hammocks and Etsy.

Hopefully these wedding gift idea bundles inspire you and can help you in your quest to buy the perfect unique wedding gift the next time you are invited to a wedding! :-)

1 - Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Canisters 
2 - For Better or Worse Flasks
3 - Welcome Home Metal Print
4 - There's no place like home Rug

1 - Pink Rose Art Print
2 - House Door Stop
3 - Daisy Rustic Candle Holder
4 - Green Candy Jars

1 - Handmade Birdhouse
2 - Norfolk Family Hammock 
3 - Deluxe Picnic Set
4 - Waterproof Picnic Blanket

1 - Decorative Mirror
2 - Multi Candle Holder
3 - Crystal Vase
4 - Red Love Letter Block
5 - Metal Cream Heart Trays


loooopsoflove said...

Such cute ideas!!
My 2 owls

Marcela Gmd said...

Nice selection!!! would you like to follow each other by Bloglovin?
Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

Khammany said...

Greetings for the other side of the equator! Found your blog through a runaway muse (we both commented) so I thought I'd pay you a visit. Love your wedding gift ideas, it's sometimes a hard one and you may not want to buy what's on their registry! Thanks for the ideas! I am a new follower of yours on bloglovin'. Please stop by and visit me if you get a chance!

Unknown said...

I love idea # 2 and # 4 ; both seem like great wedding gifts that I'd love to receive if I were to ever get married!

Thank you for the comment and following. Now following you back, I look forward to following your posts =]
xo, Ileana.


Sims Wishes said...

Thanks so much for the comments! I really appreciate it :)

lauren, curious constellation said...

These are brilliant ideas! I think the waterproof picnic blanket and the hammock are two things I'd want but I'm nowhere near to getting married!

Unknown said...

There are some great ideas! I'd definitely go for the deluxe picnic basket - that is something I really wish I had!
When it comes to house decor, I find that very difficult to buy since I never really know if it would hit the taste of both the bride and the groom.

Sims Wishes said...

I agree! I really warm towards the outdoor gifts myself. Thanks for the comments ladies! :)

Anonymous said...

Before choosing unique wedding gift, you must remember that it should reflect your feeling and love, not the cost. So I think it should be a good wedding card framed of memories spend together and present it to a newly wedding couple or you can also give them a set of crockery or dinner set for example flatware, serving ware and wedding case buys etc. So don’t think too much grab a good dinnerware shop thelable that will provide you all related stuff at a reasonable price with bulky collection.

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