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I can't believe September is coming to an end and October is almost here! I am very excited for October because I have just started up the fab link up 'Over it in October'! Check it out and join in for a fun way to vent in October via blogs and social media!

Along with this, I have some super great October sponsors I would like to share with you. These sponsors are hooked up with a free sponsorship swap where I provide free ad space and / or a post in return for some promotion for my blog. I am so happy to help them out and I really appreciate their support in return. Thanks wonderful sponsors!

My current sponsors are a mix of etsy stores that I love which have also been featured in my 'trend spotlight' posts previously, as well as local talent from Australia or more specifically Brisbane. These are the people and businesses I enjoy supporting the most. If you are interested in being part of a free sponsor swap on Rowdy Fairy in the future, check my sponsor link for details.

Bang Bang Crash

Say hello to the fab Etsy store Bang Bang Crash! This little Etsy store specialises in costumes and cute onesies. One of my fav pieces is the unicorn head peace featured in my Unicorn Trend Spotlight post. Most pieces are animal themed costumes such as rabbits, lions, cats and bears but you can also find care bear outfits and one of a kind party leotards. This Etsy store is the perfect stop for your next halloween party!

Paper Wolf

Paper Wolf truly is a one of a kind Etsy store. Based out of Stuttgart in Germany, this Etsy store will send you an amazing set of 3D paper puzzle pieces to create your own piece of art! This self made paper art ranges in size and price and the most popular pieces are the paper animal head creations that can be hung on your wall. If you are looking for a different art project that will look super stylish, this is it!


Nini-Ninique is a creative website and photo gallery by photographer and creator Janine Langhorne. Janine is a talented photographer who shows off a feminine and elegant flair in every photo she takes. Her photos are simple yet beautiful. Make sure to have a look at her website and like her Facebook page!

Miss Liltyn

Neenah Hargittai is the creative designer behind Miss Liltyn. Neenah is a self taught seamstress with a profound love and adoration for everything vintage, retro and rockabilly. Her label MissLiltyn, includes creative home decor, fashion accessories and now, she is launching her own clothing line. This talented miss deserves a look. Check out her Facebook page to find out more!


Colour my September - Green Collage

I can't believe September is about to come to an end already! This week has been the final week of the Colour my September Photography Challenge and I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in this challenge! I hope you have enjoyed taking lots of fun and colourful photos! Here is my final week of photographs and the colour is GREEN!

I am also excited to let you know that I have a little project in the works for October called 'Over it in October' so check back for details soon for this new challenge and link up!

Ampfel Man - Our Front Yard - The Back Porch - Pot Plant - Bowl of Lettuce - Fish Tank - White Out - Lettuce and Cheese for Sandwiches - Green Container


Stuff I'm Into This Week: Indiegogo, A Strange Island, Blogging and a Fab Photo


This website is a crowd funding platform and it is a fantastic way for great causes to raise money. It is also the best way to find fantastic causes that you would like to donate money too. There are all kinds of causes up on this website that need money. Some causes are charity based and others are asking for funding to get a new product or movie off the ground. 
I think a website like this will encourage me to donate money more because I know where my money will be going and I can support a cause that I am genuinely interested in. Great stuff!

Strange Island 
Now this is an odd one. Check out this amazing island! It looks like it came from another planet. Pretty awesome right?


How Google Sees your Blog
I found this blog post to be very helpful, especially the section about alt text. I had no idea what it was and now I know how to make the lovely images on my blog searchable. Have a look for yourself and you may discover other great ways for your blog to be seen by google that you didn’t know about.

How google sees your blog

Superimposed Photographs
I love this photo and I love the superimposed look! It is just stunning to look at. I especially love the pictures that blend beautiful people and beautiful scenery together. This links back to my Pinterest page if you would like to follow me! :-)


Trend Spotlight: Unicorns

Oh Unicorns, what wonderful mythical creatures they are! It really is amazing how intrenched unicorns are in pop culture right now, which is why I had to do a trend spotlight filled with products featuring unicorns

I personally love unicorns because they are beautiful, magical and girly! All of these fab unicorn products are available on Esty. Check em out!

Unicorns is the trend spotlight this week featuring the best Unicorn products available on Etsy!


For the Love of Musicals

Today I won tickets to see the musical Grease on stage tomorrow night, and in celebration of this marvellous win, I have decided to share a review of my favourite musicals!

I am a bit of a musical junkie. Every chance I get to go and see a musical I will take it. Lucky enough for me, there have been more and more musicals coming to Brisbane each year and every year I seem to find a musical or two that I just have to see. So I have done up a little list of the musicals I love the most. I hope you love these choices as much as I do! 

Les Miserables

Les Miserables is by far my favourite musical! This was the very first musical I had seen when I was 12 years old and I almost know all of the songs off by heart. The deep, emotional tail really captured me and the heart wrenching songs really added to the emotion. When this stunning musical was turned into a movie I was beside myself! I love the movie also but nothing can beat the intensity of seeing the musical played out live on stage.


Wicked really surprised me because I did not expect it to be as good as it was! I went into this with no exceptions. I did not know the story line or the songs but this musical really swept me off my feet! The story is imaginative and fits well with the original Wizard of Oz tale and the songs are epic and catchy. The colourful sets and costumes also really add to the whole Wicked experience! 

The Producers

I saw this musical on stage before the movie featuring Will Ferrell and Matthew Broderick came out, and I loved it, but I didn't love it as much as I loved the movie! I am obsessed with this movie. I even saw it in the cinema three times when it came out. On stage it was great, but for this particular musical I thought the casting and the delivery of the humour was much better in the movie version. 

Phantom of the Opera

Now this is a classic when it comes to musicals. You could hardly call yourself a musical lover if you have not seen this. The tale is timeless and so is the music. It is dark, eerie and visually stunning with epic costumes and grandiose sets that transport you back in time. This is a truly haunting and thrilling musical to experience.

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys is just a good, fun musical with some great songs! It is all about the life and times of the band called 'The Four Seasons' which features all of their best songs. If you have never heard of the band, I am sure you have heard of their songs such as 'Walk like a Man' and 'Big Girls Don't Cry'. Jersey Boys is the type of musical where you have to resist the urge to sing along. This one sure does make for a good fun night out.

Guys and Dolls

This musical was special for me because I got to see it on Broadway in New York with an A List cast! I also had no expectations for this musical. I did not know the story line or the songs but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The acting was fantastic as was the story line and the songs. It is pretty much a classic romantic comedy tail wrapped up into a lovely musical. 

Avenue Q

What can I say about Avenue Q? This is one of the most bizarre yet amazing musicals I have seen. I would probably call this the XXX version of sesame street. This musical features puppets singing songs about porn, alcohol and there is even a puppet sex scene. I had so much fun at this show and my boyfriend loved it too! This is definitely a musical you can take your partner to and I can guarantee you will both walk out laughing! 

War Horse

This is another surprising one for me. I had no interest in seeing this if I hadn't received free tickets, but it really was a stunning stage play. It is more of a play than a musical this one and I was a bit hesitant that it would be too sad and boring but it was far from it. It has a very well rounded story line that flows seamlessly and the emotions they were able to portray through a horse puppet is amazing. The highlight for me was the giant horse puppets. They were so realistic, I could hardly keep my eyes off of them.

Have you seen any of these musicals for yourself? What is your all time favourite musical?


Europe You're Funny!

Europe is an amazing and unusual place! When my boyfriend and I visited last year, we were overwhelmed by the amazing cultures and the beauty we found in all of the different countries, but along with all that beauty and history, we found a bunch of weird stuff too!

It is the weird and the wonderful things that probably bring me the most joy when I visit new and interesting places, so I have put together a few of the best weird and wonderful photos from our trip. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

I love this little guy! When ever I see this picture I always sing to myself 'If you like it than you should of put a ring on it!' This fellow sure has some sass! 

I can't help but read it as the 'Fanny' truck!

I had never seen one of these before. Its a massive remote controlled lawn mower!

A statue of a crow pecking the eye out of a decapitated man obviously makes for the perfect decorative feature to a building!

Considering I am from Australia, this is pretty damn funny! And no the Alps are not in Australia either :-)

Who wouldn't want to buy this sexy priest calendar?

The smiley face says no porno for you!

We couldn't believe it when we saw this car fit through here.

The 'Breast' chocolate ever? :-)

A complementary fluoro toilet roll with every poo shaped chocolate.

Die world die!

I think this is pretty self explanatory... 

Ball sack coffee anyone?

I think that little girl loves the fishy a little too much!

Aww look at that cute little child holding a HUMAN HEAD...?

All of the Bogan's who wish to play sport head in this direction! 

No it's not Twisties in Italy, It's Fonzies! 

Have you every found any odd or funny things like this in your travels?


On The Weekend: High Tea, Typo and Travel Plans

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! I had a pretty busy Saturday this weekend starting off with a birthday party at Stamford Plaza for Chocolate High Tea! 

This high tea was beautiful and to my surprise it was a buffet style high tea full of finger sandwiches, scones and a large variety of desserts! Unfortunately I was only able to sneak one photo in of the buffet table because it was a very posh place and I didn't think it would be 'proper' to go snapping away on my iphone in such a fine establishment! :-)

After high tea, my friend AJ and I headed down to Queen Street mall where we drifted into one of my favourite stores, Typo! This store is always full of cute and quirky stuff. Right up my alley!

Cute Typo Store Products

I love the look of these travel mugs. I am eyeing off the one featuring the eiffel tower with the moon behind it!

cute typo travel mugs

The 'My Little Pony' pencil cases in the top left corner of the screen really takes me back to my childhood! 

And pretty much everything on these shelves is awesome! How can you resist those pastel colours?

pastel girly products from typo

Whilst in the city, my friend and I also ducked into a book store to buy these. Travel guides for Japan and Tokyo! My friend AJ and I are planning a trip to Tokyo next year and these travel books have been very useful for us to figure out where we want to go and what we want to see!

After buying these travel guides, we just sat in the food court like nerds flipping through the pages and getting ourselves super excited as we discover all of the amazing things to see and do in Japan.

Have you ever been to a high tea before? 

Have you ever been to Tokyo?
My friend and myself would love to hear any travel advice that you may have! :-)

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