Garden in a Bottle - DIY Terrarium

Check out our latest DIY project. A Garden in a bottle, also commonly known and a Terrarium! It was so easy and fun to make and even easier to maintain, so I would love to share with you how we made ours and show you how to make one of your own.

First of all we found the perfect glass jar with a lid. The jar must have a lid to trap the moisture inside the jar. This way the garden inside stays nice and wet on its own and there is no need to water it. I told you it was easy to maintain! We then bought a few little plants that were the perfect size to fit inside our glass jar.

Then it is just a matter of filling 1/3 of the jar with dirt and carefully placing the plants inside the jar. The bigger the jar the better because as we discovered, it can be a little tricky manoeuvring the plants around the jar when your hand only just fits inside the lid. 

We are not done yet! I think the best part of creating a garden in a jar is being able to create a whole miniature world inside that jar, and the best way to do that is to ad some little figurines! I found this fantastic pack of miniature dinosaurs to use. 

I then grabbed the best few out of the packet and strategically placed them around inside the garden, transforming the little garden in a jar into a miniature Jurassic Park!

This is the first terrarium we have made and I think its pretty neat! We would love to make more and create lots of different little worlds inside glass jars.

Have you ever made a Terrarium? If you have made one before I would love to know how yours turned out! :-)


Unknown said...

Ok, this is pretty awesome! I planted a lemon tree this weekend and was pretty happy about that, but this is so many times more awesome! Especially with the small dinosaurs!

Happy Small Things

Anonymous said...

I love this! It would make a great homeschool project to lead into talking about water cycles and such. The dinos are a great touch!

Maxabella said...

So cute! Love your little dinosaur world, Tania. x

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