My Writing Project - Mothership

I have always had a thing for Sci-Fi, end of the world type of stories. Some of my favourite movies are Independence Day, Armageddon and Day After Tomorrow, so I guess it was obvious that if I ever ventured into story writing, this genre would be the first I would tackle.

So with that, I would like to introduce you all to my little writing project titled 'Mothership' and by writing project I mean my book. I am a bit hesitant to call it a book yet because it is not finished, it is a work in progress, but the fantastic website Wattpad has given me the opportunity to write my book piece by piece and improve on it as I go with feedback from people who wish to read it.

If you have never visited Wattpad before, I highly recommend you check it out! If you love reading, and would love to read great stories for free, you will find a bunch of great unpublished titles on Wattpad from new and upcoming writers hoping to gain a following and get some interest in their writing. It's a win win for the reader and the author. The reader gets to read new stories for free as the author writes them, and the author has the opportunity to get their work out there in public to gain feedback as well as gain followers who become fans of their writing.

So far for my book 'Mothership' I have a synopsis and my first chapter up on Wattpad. I would love it if you would check it out and give me some feedback! I know my writing still needs some improving but I believe I have a great story to tell here and I hope you enjoy it.


I created the cover myself by combining some images I found on Pinterest. I really try to put a female perspective into the Sci-Fi genre with this story, as most Sci-Fi stories are full of action and not enough character development and genuine emotion. This story also has a slight teen fiction skew much like 'The Hunger Games' or 'Harry Potter'. The story line plays on the struggle for equality, the meaning of humanity, the fragility of life, the heartbreak of betrayal and forbidden love.


The survival of human kind weighs heavily on the shoulders of Kinta Stump, a young woman with a confused past who was  brought up on one of the many mother ships bound for planet  121, the potential new home planet for the human race after  Earth was completely destroyed three generations ago. Kinta  is unwittingly swept up in the on board struggle for equality  and a vital role in the ultimate survival of the human race is  thrust upon her when coming into contact with intelligent  beings who hold a secret agenda for the destiny of the human  race. 

Check out my story 'Mothership' by clicking on the image above or visit the link here:

Mothership - Wattpad

Do you enjoy writing? Are there any other writing projects in the works for you?


Meghan said...

How much do you love the book, Ender's Game?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats on your progress of book. Seems very interesting!

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