On the Weekend: Cats, Dogs and Fathers Day

This week we have the lovely kitty cat Cassie introducing us to this week's edition of 'On the Weekend' in the picture above.  To all non cat lovers, please be warned that a large quantity of cat photos will be featured in this post :-)

As my boyfriend is currently up north visiting his family, I decided I should be a good daughter too and visit my parents for the weekend. This visit also involves catching up with the family pets I grew up with. As you can tell from all of the pet photos in this post, i'm pretty obsessed with them!

I spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon out in the yard taking photos of the cats, and here are a few of my faves!  The first few pics are of Cassie. She is a gorgeous, white fluffy thing and if you look closely, you will notice she is also slightly cross eyed. 

Everyone in our family has come to the understanding that Cassie is my cat, because I am the only person she allows to pat her for an extended period of time without going into attack mode and I am the only person who can pick her up without without a winey meow and a wriggle of desperation to be released from your grasp. 

Yeah she can pretty much do whatever she wants, but the same goes for all of the pets! The pets rule the house!

The next little kitty cat is Kimba! She loves attention and is a little poser. She is so easy to take photos of because she always seems to be posing, as if waiting to have her picture taken.

This is the perfect example right here. If she wasn't cute enough already, she had to cosy up in the bird bath to completely max out her adorableness.

And like a true model, she offered me up a variety of poses while in the birdbath too! 

Kimba was actually a stray kitten that my dad found near his work. She is a very lovely and friendly cat and she almost seems appreciative that we took her into our home.

While I was in the backyard, would you believe that a plane came over with about five sky divers jumping out of it right near the house. As they opened up their parachutes, one them had an Australian flag attached to him! Made for some great pics at sunset :-)

We soon had another visitor joining us in the back yard, and it was our pink gala named Cody. My dad often lets him out of the cage and lets him wander around the yard with our cats and dogs. We have trained the cats and dogs well enough that they don't go near him. In fact the cats are a little scared of him, but that does not stop him trying to make friends with them!

 This is my dad with Cody on his shoulder. Cody is my dad's bird and yeah he is pretty much in love with my dad. Dad is the only one who can handle him without being bitten. Also, despite being let outside all of the time, his wings aren't clipped and he has never attempted to fly away. I think he knows he has it too good at my parents house, they look after him too well! 

 Here is a pic of the doggies, Tyson and Pixie having an afternoon nap. The only time they are still enough for me to get a good photo! Tyson is a big sook and Pixie is crazy and energetic.

This is Pixie systematically ripping out all of the stuffing from her favourite toy and leaving a path of distraction in her wake.

I did have another reason for being at my parents place this weekend other than to take an excessive amount of photos of the pets. It was fathers day on Sunday and I got my dad a few little things from Mombasa. 

I bought him a little safe that looks like an english dictionary and a book filled with put-downs and zingers. 

On Sunday morning, my parents and myself took the dogs for a quick walk around the neighbourhood to take advantage of the perfect weather. The weather here has been absolutely beautiful one day, and perfect the next! 

And here is a sneaky one I took of my parents walking the dogs. After the walk we did the fathers day lunch thing with our extended family where I managed to eat so much I could barely move. 

Sorry I didn't go anywhere very exciting to share with you this weekend but I hope all of the cute animal pictures will suffice! In fact, I might just throw in a few more Cassie close ups for good measure! 

I am probably looking like a crazy cat lady right now with all of these cat pictures, haha!

I also took some pictures over the weekend for the 'Colour my September Photography Challenge'. You can check them out here.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special for fathers day? :-)


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aww so sweet, I personally can never get enough cute animal photos :)

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