On The Weekend: High Tea, Typo and Travel Plans

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! I had a pretty busy Saturday this weekend starting off with a birthday party at Stamford Plaza for Chocolate High Tea! 

This high tea was beautiful and to my surprise it was a buffet style high tea full of finger sandwiches, scones and a large variety of desserts! Unfortunately I was only able to sneak one photo in of the buffet table because it was a very posh place and I didn't think it would be 'proper' to go snapping away on my iphone in such a fine establishment! :-)

After high tea, my friend AJ and I headed down to Queen Street mall where we drifted into one of my favourite stores, Typo! This store is always full of cute and quirky stuff. Right up my alley!

Cute Typo Store Products

I love the look of these travel mugs. I am eyeing off the one featuring the eiffel tower with the moon behind it!

cute typo travel mugs

The 'My Little Pony' pencil cases in the top left corner of the screen really takes me back to my childhood! 

And pretty much everything on these shelves is awesome! How can you resist those pastel colours?

pastel girly products from typo

Whilst in the city, my friend and I also ducked into a book store to buy these. Travel guides for Japan and Tokyo! My friend AJ and I are planning a trip to Tokyo next year and these travel books have been very useful for us to figure out where we want to go and what we want to see!

After buying these travel guides, we just sat in the food court like nerds flipping through the pages and getting ourselves super excited as we discover all of the amazing things to see and do in Japan.

Have you ever been to a high tea before? 

Have you ever been to Tokyo?
My friend and myself would love to hear any travel advice that you may have! :-)

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