On The Weekend - Santos City of Lights

It's festival time people! Every September we celebrate 'Brisbane Festival' where heaps of entertainment is on display across the city for the whole month. One of the biggest highlights of this festival has to be 'Santos City of Lights' which is a spectacular light show on the Brisbane river which can be seen every night during the month of September. So I caught up with my good friend AJ this weekend for dinner and to see the light show!

I arrived at South Bank in the late afternoon to meet my friend and I managed to take some lovely city pics before the sun set. South Bank is the ideal spot to see the light show as it is a large recreational area located on the bank of the Brisbane river, across from the city centre.

Brisbane city and the city cat

Also located at South Bank is 'The Wheel of Brisbane' which is pretty much just a massive ferris wheel. I have been on it once and it was quite good but I wouldn't rush back to go on it again because it is quite expensive for what it is. Even so, it is nice to look at :-)

wheel of Brisbane at southbank

Before we watched the light show, we had dinner at Beastie Burgers. We both got massive gourmet hamburgers with chips, onion rings and milkshakes!

As the sun began to set, all of the twinkling lights came out. We especially enjoyed the odd hanging lights suspended over our heads, which twinkled and changed colour constantly.

Then it was time for the light show to start. We squished in amongst the crowd to get a good view along the river as it started. There was a lot to look at! Lasers shootings off the tops of buildings, as well as a river display filled with more lasers, holograms and water fountains, and all of it was perfectly timed to music blaring out of speakers across the river front. I took so many pics I thought it was best to stick them in a collage!

Overall it was a pretty fun evening and it was great catching up with my friend AJ! Hopefully I will get to more Brisbane Festival events over this month to share with you! :-)


lauren, curious constellation said...

That food looks delicious and the lights look phenomenal!

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