Pretty Flowers at The Keukenhof Gardens - The Netherlands

I have posted a lot in my travel diary category about Paris but I think it is time to move onto another fab european location. The Netherlands!

While in the Netherlands we stayed in Amsterdam and did a few day trips outside of the city while we were there. One of the most enjoyable day trips was out to the Keukenhof Gardens

The Keukenhof Gardens is the world's largest flower garden and it is filled to the brim with over 7 million beautifully arranged flowers with the most prominent flower being the tulip.

Fun Fact: The Keukenhof Gardens are only open three months of the year between March and May and every year they rip up all of the flowers and rearrange them for the following year.  

We did not pre-plan to visit these gardens. We came across the day trip purely by accident whilst wandering around the city of Amsterdam and we decided it was worth the visit and despite the drizzly weather, it was a great day! The Keukenhof Gardens was pretty much like a theme park dedicated to flowers and as you can see the lovely flowers made for some great photos! 

We also came across this strange area with giant blow up animals. The pictures say it all really. The giant poodles were the best followed by the giant monkey hanging in a tree, which happened to be just as big as the tree!

Travel Tip: I would recommend joining up with a day trip to visit these gardens. You can do a half day or a full day trip however we found that the half day trip was more than enough to see everything.

Have you visited any gardens like this? What is your favourite flower? Mine is the snap dragon! :-)


Brandi Barrera said...

Wow, this place looks AMAZING! Here in Fort Worth we have a pretty popular small botanical garden but it looks n-o-t-h-i-n-g like this!! ;-) xo

Becky Kozak said...
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Becky Kozak said...

Wow!! This looks incredible, and thanks for the tip!

xo Becky
Seductive Mania


Looks beautiful!


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Getaway Brigade said...

How cool! The flowers are beautiful but I think the giant inflatable animals are my favorite part. :)

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