Should I Buy a DSLR Camera?

This is a decision I have been grappling with for a few weeks now. I love taking photos but I have never considered stepping into the mystical world of DSLR camera photography until now. 
As I scroll through beautiful blogs with their beautiful photos, I just wish I could take perfectly awesome photos like the pictures in these blogs, so I have decided to do up a positives and negatives list to help me make a decision and I would love your input too!

Why I should get a DSLR Camera: 
  • My photos will look pretty and professional 
  • It will improve the look of my blog overall
  • I will look and feel like a trendy and talented photographer when I use it
  • Probably won’t need to edit the photos so much to make them look good
  • I can buy one of those pretty camera straps for it.

Why I shouldn’t get a DSLR Camera:
  • It is pretty damn expensive
  • It is big and bulky
  • There will be a learning curve to overcome
  • It is so easy to take photos and edit them on my phone
  • I have never used one before 

Hmm I don’t know, I am still undecided! Do you think it is worthwhile buying a DSLR camera? I would love to hear your thoughts! 


Unknown said...

I ended up NOT buying a DSLR camera, but instead a system camera (a mirrorless digital camera with interchangeable lenses). The reason for it, is that the shutter speed and the general speed of the camera is almost as good as any DSLR camera, the camera itself is much smaller and lighter, and the price was much better. I bought a Samsung NEX1000 with 20mpx. I am really happy with the camera and I don't really see a reason for me to want a DSLR camera instead. But that's me, and I'm not a professional photographer by any means, so I might not be the best to give you any advise on it :)

Happy Small Things

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this post.Its nice product but can't have good quality so now i buy a new Dslr Camera which have good picture quality and good quality product

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