Stuff I'm Into This Week: Give the Fox a Caramel Milkshake, a Nokia and an Alligator or I'll Die

Caramel Milk Shakes
Every time I go out to a coffee shop, I am craving a caramel milkshake. In fact I would love a caramel milkshake right now! Sure I could have a chocolate, strawberry or vanilla milkshake but in my eyes, the caramel milkshake is head and shoulders above the rest!

Indestructible Phone Meme’s
Remember when the Nokia phone was all the rage? Do you also remember how seemingly indestructible they were? Well some very clever people have made up some memes about the indestructible nature of the Nokia 3310. Too funny!  

Family Fun at the California Alligator Farm
Have you always wanted to be pulled along in a cart by an alligator? If so, you would have loved visiting the California Alligator park back in the 1800’s. The pictures in this post are just amazing to me! It is just so bizarre, scary and awesome at the same time!

I must have this or I’ll Die
I love this post from the blog Venus Trapped in Mars all about impulse purchases that we all make! Sarah lists some of her impulse buys and I must admit I can relate to most of them. Check it out, it’s worth a read!

What the Fox Say
This Youtube video has over 22 million views and it has only been online for 1 week! Crazy huh? After hearing so much about it and seeing all the views it had, I just had to check it out. This video is a magical blend of randomness, cheesiness and dance music which is packaged up into over three minuets of fun viewing pleasure


Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Awww thank you for the link love, my friend!!!!

But can we talk about this alligator ride???? That looks absolutely terrifying to me.

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, I've had The Fox on my brain constantly the last few days. I even ended up watching a dance tutorial on YouTube teaching how to do the chorus moves (my husband's comment was "You're spending far far far too much time online" and I think he might be right).

Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha that phone meme is so true! That milkshake looks amazing...why doesn't starbucks put sprinkles on theirs?!

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