Stuff I'm into This Week: I Quit My Job to Blog, Eat Cake, visit Korea and Live in a Miniature World

Tobu World Square
Tobu World Square is an amazing little theme park in Japan. All of your favourite landmarks around the world are right here in the one place. The only thing is, it is all miniature. Yes it is a whole world of miniature buildings! You can tower over the Taj Mahal, look at the Vatican from a whole new vantage point and it will only take a few short steps to get to the petite eiffel tower! I love miniatures so this place has really captured my imagination and interest. I would love to go there!

File:Tobu World Square St Peters Basilica 1.jpg

Bloggers Bazzar

Bloggers Bazzar is a brand new resource for bloggers full of great hints and tips to make your blog the best it can be. It is primarily aimed at the Australian blogger but there are tips and tricks on the website that everyone can use! The website is still being developed and added to so make sure you keep checking back for new and updated tips and tricks.

Cute in Korea 
Cute in Korea is a sweet and sassy little blog all about cute things in Korea! I have a soft spot for cutesy stuff from Asia and I love seeing all of the colourful and fun pics that Ella puts up daily on her blog and Facebook page. The Korean culture is so fascinating and you get a great insight into this culture from Elle, who is an illustrator from California currently living in South Korea.

Candy Crush Cake
I am in love with the look of this Candy Crush Cake on the fab foodie website Eat Drink and Be Kerry. It is so pretty and it takes me back to my childhood when I look at the assortment of my favourite lollies clustered all over the top of this fab cake!

I Quit My Day Job
I think that a lot of people dream of escaping their 9 – 5 job to venture into a business of their own which is why this post from Kitty and Buck’s blog really captured my interest, and the interest of many others! In this post Kitty talks about her decision to quit her job and start her own business. It’s a very insightful and inspiring story that I think many of us can relate to and aspire towards.


Unknown said...

Some great new things to check out here. Love it. Thanks for sharing :)

Candice said...

Thanks for sharing some of those great links! I lived in Korea for about 5 years and just came back a year ago. I do miss so many things about living there and I think that link up to Cute in Korea might just make me miss it even more! :)

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