Stuff I'm Into This Week: Indiegogo, A Strange Island, Blogging and a Fab Photo


This website is a crowd funding platform and it is a fantastic way for great causes to raise money. It is also the best way to find fantastic causes that you would like to donate money too. There are all kinds of causes up on this website that need money. Some causes are charity based and others are asking for funding to get a new product or movie off the ground. 
I think a website like this will encourage me to donate money more because I know where my money will be going and I can support a cause that I am genuinely interested in. Great stuff!

Strange Island 
Now this is an odd one. Check out this amazing island! It looks like it came from another planet. Pretty awesome right?


How Google Sees your Blog
I found this blog post to be very helpful, especially the section about alt text. I had no idea what it was and now I know how to make the lovely images on my blog searchable. Have a look for yourself and you may discover other great ways for your blog to be seen by google that you didn’t know about.

How google sees your blog

Superimposed Photographs
I love this photo and I love the superimposed look! It is just stunning to look at. I especially love the pictures that blend beautiful people and beautiful scenery together. This links back to my Pinterest page if you would like to follow me! :-)

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