Stuff I'm Into This Week: Quit Feeling Lonely and Abandoned Over Blue Honey

Mall Store Staff Quit

I love this story. Basically the entire staff of a store inside a mall quit, shut up shop and left a sign on the front of the shop saying what a horrible boss they had and why they all quit. Good on them for standing up for themselves!

Mall Store Staff Quit Article

The Dangers of Loneliness

I found this article which describes the dangers of loneliness and it claims that social isolation kills more people than obesity does. It is a very interesting read and it is amazing to learn that in the computer age where people can connect with the world via the internet, we are actually feeling lonelier than ever.

The Dangers of Loneliness Article

The Time Capsule Ghost Town

There is something about abandoned places that really interests me, which is why this post all about an abandoned town in Canada really grabbed my attention. These pictures are so spooky. I can imagine walking around this abandoned town alone would make you feel as if you were the only person left on Earth.

The Time Capsule Ghost Town - Messy Nessy Chic

Bees Making Blue Honey in France

I found this article on reddit saying that some bees in France started producing blue and green honey, and they traced the cause back to an M&M's factory! Apparently the sugary waste from the M&M's factory has been accessed by the bees, thus causing their honey to turn a funny colour. Freaky!

Blue Honey Article


Becky Kozak said...

I think that blue honey is so cool! Heaps of trouble for M&Ms though!! Great post, so many interesting articles!

xo Becky
Seductive Mania

Unknown said...

Blue Honey!? I bet it's tasty! Oh & I love going into abandon places even if it's just to take pictures :)

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