Trend Spotlight: The Moon

Isn’t the moon a wonderful thing! It sits up there in the sky looking down at us of an evening as we look up at it in amazement and wonder. Rather than looking at it from afar longingly, wouldn’t you love a piece of the moon right here with you? Well not literally, but instead you could own one of these cute moon themed products available on Etsy! 

I think that the moon will always feature in trends across all generations because it is something that will forever endear to everyone’s childlike curiosity and amazement. This is why The Moon is my trend spotlight for the week!

The Moon is the Trend Spotlight for this week, featuring the best 'Moon' products on Etsy!


Brandi Barrera said...

LOVE this! There was a full moon here in Texas 2 nights ago and it lit up our ENTIRE backyard, so crazy!! & beautiful!! Happy Friday girly :-)

Anonymous said...

Those lollipops look creepy-but-cool, and I love the clock. What do you think of the whole galaxy trend?

Unknown said...

Love this! Our recent full-moon was stunning!!

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