What I Love about Tokyo Street Fashion

I have been doing heaps of research for my upcoming trip to Tokyo and one of my favourite finds is the amazing website Tokyo Fashion dedicated to Tokyo Street Fashion. 

Street Fashion in Tokyo is unlike anything I have ever seen. You could only get away with fashion like this in Tokyo and I admire these rule breaking trend setters for their originality and quirkiness. Sure this fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea, and I doubt I would have the confidence to pull off most of these outfits but you have to at least appreciate the time and effort it would have taken to put together outfits like these. I personally love all of these looks and here is why. 

All photos are sourced from the website Tokyo Fashion.

Mixing patterns and colours is totally fine

Usually mixing a large array of colours and patterns would be a fashion sin, but these little style wonders show that the look can actually work if you are quirky enough to pull it off! Theses street style examples truly believe that more is more when it comes to layering up on the patterns and colours, and somehow it works! Or does it? It’s up to your own personal taste I guess!

I am a Rainbow

Now there is mashing up a bunch of colours and patterns to try and look edgy and then there is having the ability to look like a rainbow. Whoever dares to take on this trend literally covers themselves in colours to create a fantasy look that replicates a rainbow. The look is often accentuated by layering up on colourful clothes, jewellery and hair clips. When you dress like a rainbow, you will not be lost in a crowd.

Dressing like an animated character is a normal outfit choice

Many members of the youth in Tokyo love dressing up in costumes, and not just to attend Disneyland to blend in with the characters or anime events where they can blend in with their fellow fans. They may not even have a favourite animated character to emulate and instead they take on the look of an animated character in their own right. Any excuse they can find to dress up in costume, they will take it and they will look fantastic while doing it too.

You don’t need to dress your age

This term is taken literally by some girls who enjoy dressing like a little girl, literally! It’s as if these ladies are stuck in the body of a child as they attempt to share the likeness of a toy doll with frilly dresses, stuffed toys, plastic jewellery and other child focused accessories. Despite this odd drawback to childhood, I actually think it is very cute!

Anyone can be a California Girl

Another very popular trend at the moment is the tanned blonde bombshell look, which shows that anyone can be a California girl. These ladies layer up on the fake tan, add in some blue contacts, bleach their hair so it as blonde as it can be to replicate this all american beach girl look. I think it is quite fascinating how other cultures try to emulate American trends and this is the perfect example.

Get some colour in your hair

I secretly would love to colour my hair some bright, crazy colour like pink, blue or purple but I would be too afraid that it would ruin my hair and that I would draw too much attention to myself. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for many young trend setters in Tokyo who don’t mind going all out to colour their hair any crazy colour they like and they can really pull it off! I think this colourful hair trend looks so edgy and fantastic.

The Hippie is Strong in This One

I love the hippie / hobo / hipster look that is being sported by the Tokyo youth. This casual, laid back look is very much an opposite in the corporate, busy city lifestyle that you find in Tokyo and it is refreshing to see. Surely a lot of effort most go into many of these outfits but somehow they make it look effortless and care free.

The Punk Look

These would have to be some of the cutes punks I have ever seen. Despite the dark outfits, chocker collars, and the steely look in their eyes, I think they look super edgy and well yeah cute! Yes I guess they do look kinda bad ass with the punk look but I love how even the punks in Tokyo can’t help but add a bit of colour and flair into at least one piece of their outfits, or throw something odd into the outfit that doesn’t quite fit the stereotypical punk decor.

Pastels Rule

If you can’t decide what to wear, you can always turn to Pastels. I love pastel colours myself and I enjoy wearing them quite often, but some Tokyo street stylers take the pastel obsession to the extreme. Every inch of their body will be covered in peach, light pinks and cream colours for the perfectly girly and feminine look! It sure does seem to be the colour palette for every season!

Nerdy Casual

When has nerdiness every been stylish? Well it is now and nowhere is it more evident than in Tokyo! Pull over jumpers, knee high socks, pigtails and wide brimmed glasses are totally cool and cute! Not fitting in with the crowd is hailed in Tokyo and the geeky girl or nerdy boy epitomises this ideal.

Goth Tokyo Style

If you are a Goth in Tokyo, you go all out to live up to this trend, with black platform boots, corsets, top hats and a lot of black. Despite the deep and dark reputation of the goth subculture in Tokyo, many who sport this trend do their best to show off their elaborate take on this unique style and they end up looking somewhat elegant rather than scary.

Romantic Vintage 

The romantic vintage look is a lovely style that draws inspiration from yesteryear. Piece of this trend draw back to the elegant lacy feminine outfits of the 1800’s which is combined with modern comfortable flowy materials which add to the whole romantic feel of the overall outfit. It is quite unique and adventurous yet more subtle than some of the other more colourful trends being sported around Tokyo.

You can find all of these amazing pictures and more at www.tokyofashion.com 

Guest Post: Being Alone VS. Waiting for Mr. Right

As I am currently off for a long weekend by the beach, Rowdy Fairy has been handed over to the lovely Anda for the day! I hope you enjoy her fantastic post all about relationships, and please make sure you take the time to check out her fab blog :-)

My name is Anda. Anda Alexandra :) you need not know my family name as I will soon change it... This year (God willing!) I will marry the love of my life and we will be Mr. & Mrs. Just like in the movie with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt... And tell you the truth we would be the perfect couple for a remake of that movie. Even our friends agree when we say that our children will be sweet yet really dangerous ;))) 

For a very long while in my live I had no one and I was perfectly fine with it. True, at certain moments (like parties and weddings) it would feel odd and I would feel the need of someone next to me, someone who would be with me, hold my hand and talk stupid little things. But maybe somehow deep inside my sould knew someone was waiting. Tell you the truth, I was quite prepared to be the perfect aunt for my big sisters children. I would have been the crazy aunt who would travel across the world and take them with her into the first trip abroad. I would take them out for movies and icecream and I would tell them tales of countries they never been to and I would take their pictures and I would teach them of the wonderful yet dangerous thing called social media - maybe I would even help them create their first FB account ;))) Who knows?!

I had though the chance to get a job in an international outsourcing company, which had the outsourcing headquarters for Europe based in Poland and they opened the second one in Romania and I was one of the first 10 employees! I loved the project and I loved the company but most of all I loved the people there. Being in the company and being in that project totally modified me... I made friends in Poland, I came to visit for around 10 days, and surprisingly people here in Krakow loved me so much that they wanted me here. They wanted me to work in Poland. They wanted me to move. Now, tell you the truth, I am quite a freak when it comes to traveling. If I would have the money and time I would do that 24/7 until I would go through each and every country...

What could I have said to such an offer?! It was an offer I could not refuse :p and actually it was also a big step... it was me, standing on my own two feet and facing the world. I had been doing that since I was small yet it would have been different now. Even different then when I was in the USA with "Work & Travel" program for almost 4 months... with the exception that then I knew I would come back and when... now it was all in the air... but guess what?! I JUMPED! That is what I do ;) I love jumping ahead and facing consequences - that is how I learn. And who likes to learn from other peoples experiences?! None :p

Well... there I was... on my own :) In a far away country with a weird language... Tell you the truth I did not understand a word... I had to work on my own how to get a public transport card, how to do my groceries, how to get to the gym/yoga class and understand instructions in another language, how to figure out all the small things inside an apartment and the oh! so funny! relationships with the neighbours that cannot speak english ;))) well... tell you the truth (but don't tell this to Polish people!) the language is similar to Russian and it does have certain words that are similar... First I started to understand when a sentence started and when it ended... they I realised the words and then I would focus on learning one by one the words in different contexts... don't get me started with the exceptions ;)))) there are more exceptions than rules for the Polish language :D

But either way, I was not ready for what Poland had prepared for me. My plan was to stay in Krakow for around 6 months, make some money, gather more knowledge/experience and then move around and maybe go to UK and/or Ireland - as I also had friends there and it would have been a good plan... but well... plans are always made to be broken and as much as I thought that I will be an old spinster that will not happen. And I am very glad! 

I never thought that there are truly knights in shiny armour, but yet there he was! And trust me, I was hard to get and even he agrees on that ;))) He tried to get to me by teaching me polish - I told him I need no help, I can figure it out on my own! Which I eventually did :) - he tried to get to me by showing me around the city - :))) big mistake! Until this moment I am still waaaaaaaay better with the navigation in Krakow than he is ;))) ask me as street/pub/shop/museum and I will tell you from where you are how to get there ;))) The thing that actually brought us closer was (yes, this is very not ladylike...) martial arts :D I used to do Kung Fu just for fun and he did also and I was missing the practice so we started beating eachother :))) now that I put it like that it sounds bad! but trust me it was perfectly ok ;) 

Last week (from Sunday evening the 20th until Saturday morning the 26th) he was away on his first business trip... I had some time on my own and I realised that I am glad I waited so long for the right person. I am happy he is the one and I have waited for him for so long. I feel that next to him I can be so much more and being with him makes me a better and more patient person. I was thinking of him a lot while he was gone and I realised that probably I would not have made it through right now without him. I grew so used to him now... Waking up with him next to me, smiling :) Or falling asleep and telling each other little thoughts... I missed him and even while I was out that week - be it at work, at the movie, with my friends, when I was out for a coffee or when I was reading he was in my thoughts... People walk into your life and take you by surprise until the point in which they become part of your heart... And he is my heart now :)

I hope all you ladies out there will have patience enough to find the love of your lifes. And trust me, when you will expect it the least it will come ;)
P.S. If you need any advice and guidance and you think I may help :) or if you have any questions regarding love and jumping, drop me an email at anda.alexandra.86@gmail.com or check me out at http://twistedredladybug.blogspot.com/ where I usually post on a daily basis for my friends and family :)
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