10 Must Haves for an Elegant Tea Party

It is amazing how the elegant and girly tea party has started to make a resurgence in pop culture and I love it! Holding a tea party at your home can be a lot of fun and it is one of the few occasions where you can get together with the girls, pull out the nice crockery, share some baked goods, put on pretty dresses and feel like elegant ladies. 

If you are looking to hold the best tea party ever, here are 10 things you must have for a tea party!

Home made baked goods

There is nothing like eating baked goods at a tea party that are home made! Those cookies and brownies are always a little bit more special when they are made by yourself. When you go to the effort to put on a tea party, your guests will appreciate that you have gone to the effort to bake something yourself also! 

Beautiful Classic tea cups and Crockery

You can't use any old tea cup for a fancy tea party! Pull out your best crockery if you have any, or visit your local second hand or antique store and purchase a few beautifully elegant and delicate tea cups for yourself and your friends. I personally think that you don't need matching crockery for a lovely tea party. I actually prefer that the guest are given a mish mash of tea cups and crockery which can even be arranged to a simple colour theme to bring the look together. It makes the tea party a little bit more interesting and your guests will enjoy the fact that they each have their own unique tea cups. 

Cupcake Stands and / or Elegant Serving Trays

There are so many lovely cupcake stands out in the stores at the moment that are available in a wide range of materials, price and quality. Depending on your budget, you can go crazy with these! Same goes for elegant serving trays to lay out your delectable delights. I personally love the antique silver serving trays as they are so timeless and classy.

Pastel and floral dresses

When I think of a tea party, florals and pastels automatically come to mind. If this is a theme you stick with in your decoration, the whole event will be even more effective if yourself and your guests match this theme also by wearing feminine dresses bursting with florals and delicate pastel colours. When picking out your dress for your tea party, keep the shape and the length of the dress in mind to pull of a feminine and classy look. 

Finger Sandwiches 

Sandwiches are another must have but it's just a boring old sandwich right? Not when they are cut into fingers, transforming them into finger sandwiches! No matter what filling you choose for your sandwiches, make sure you have these tasty sandwich morsels to add something special to your savoury selection. 

Unique Quality Tea

You may be an avid tea drinker already, but when you are having a tea party, it is times to bring out the good stuff. Go hunting for some unique flavoured tea that is a little bit special. Make sure you also have some classics such as english breakfast tea and earl grey, but it is also worthwhile to find one or two new flavours that you would not usually drink on a daily basis for people to try on this special occasion.

Fresh Flowers

If you plan to go all out for a special tea party, why not buy some flesh flowers for the event? Arrange them however you like. Grab some vases or get more creative by putting them in tea cups as pictured below and just go for it!

Feminine Table Cloth

Pick out a lovely lacy table cloth for the occasion. A beautiful table cloth is such a simple item it often gets overlooked but it really does makes a difference to the whole look of your tea party.

Awesome Decorative Cupcakes 

If you are not a confident baker, I would highly recommend that you buy a batch of professionally made, decorative cupcakes for the occasion. There are so many beautiful cupcake stores around now that you would be crazy not to include a professional's perfect cupcake creations on the high tea menu. 

Have you ever held a tea party at your house? Is there anything else you would recommend having at a tea party to make it extra special?


Becky Kozak said...

I love this post! I had the weirdest dream last night - and you were in it! you redid your blog and it was lacey and simple and clean and just oh so beautiful!! Weird, right?!


Irene said...

Cute list! I loved reading this and I would love to organize a tea party myself :)
I just found your blog and I really like it! You have such beautiful photos and I love browsing your travel posts - I'll come back to read some more. Following you on twitter and bloglovin'
Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

I just decided I wanted to have a tea party and found your Pin on pinterest! Thank you for all the great tips, definitely will need to have all of these!

Anonymous said...

I really like that lovely piece of crockery set for tea time. I’m also going to have such a tea party with my friends and have a new pair of designer crockery set from thelatable that not only deals in quality products but has vast range of crockery and kitchen ware items.

Creative Outlet said...

I totally agree with your list, only thing I would add is pearls!. I am prepping for my soon to be 5,year olds tea party birthday party and have had so much fun finding these things at our local thrift store

Unknown said...

nice info

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