15 Must do Sights and Attractions for a Fab Trip to New York!

I love New York!

Ever since I was a child, I had always wanted to visit New York, and in 2008 I was lucky enough to visit this amazing city!

I trekked across the USA with a friend on a Contiki tour and we finished the tour off with a bang by staying 10 days in New York. I spent a lot of time planning my trip to the USA and New York in particular, and we really did have an amazing time, so I would like to share with you my top picks for sights and attractions that cannot be missed to ensure you get the best New York tourist experience! 

Sorry I don't have pictures to match up with all of the options so I have just stuck more random New York pics in to make up for it :-)

Statue of Liberty

We jumped on a water taxi to get a closer look at this amazing statue. It was a great way to see it because we had a commentary throughout the trip and we were close enough to get some great pics. She's worth a look no matter what vantage point you choose!

Central Park

We spent so much time wandering around this park and we still didn’t see it all! There really is a lot to see! It is such a huge green space surrounded by towering sky scrapers and this famous park is featured in so heaps of movies too!

Top of the Rock

This really is one of the best views you can get of Manhattan. A lot of people opt for the empire state building for a great view of the city, but I thought top of the rock was better because the empire state building is part of the skyline in this view.


This was right at the top of my list of things to do in New York because I love musicals! If you can, go and see a big production as well as a small, lesser known one. The biggest tip I can give you about seeing a Broadway show is to line up at the discount musical ticket booth in Times Square to grab your tickets for a fraction of the price! We managed to snap up tickets to Guys and Dolls in the 4th row for half price!

FAO Schwartz

I used to love watching Home Alone 2 as a kid, and I think this movie really sparked my love and interest for New York. One of the scenes I remember the most was his visit to the FAO Schwartz store. It really looked like a wonderland for kids. Despite being an adult when I visited this store, it really did capture my imagination and I felt like a kid again as soon as I walked through the doors. The amazing selection of customisable toys is impressive and I could not pass up buying my very own muppet that I designed myself during the visit!

Double Decker Bus Tour

If you have a short visit to New York, this really is the best way to see everything you want to see in a short space of time. We took multiple trips around the city on these buses and we really enjoyed seeing the sights from the top of a double decker bus and getting some great commentary about the sights that we passed.

Time Square

This place really is what New York is all about. The lights, the bustling people and the hectic New York traffic. It really is impressive! This was the first area we saw in New York as our tour bus arrived and the whole bus was pressed up to the glass in awe as we looked at the towering walls of advertising and lights that surround this street.

Ground Zero

A very emotional spot that must be visited. Everyone was affected by the horrific events of 9/11 and it is worthwhile visiting this site to pay homage to the tragic events of that day.

The View - Revolving Restaurant

I actually heard about this restaurant from a relative and it really is a must do on my list for your first trip to New York! Not only do you get a fantastic 360 view of the city, but you get to sit in comfort and eat as much as you want from their extensive buffet at the same time.  The View Revolving Restaurant spins a full 360 degrees in about an hour so it is enough time to eat comfortably while seeing every vantage point from your seat and not so fast that your head starts to spin.

Toys R Us Megastore

This place really rivals the toy wonderland of FAO Schwarts. How do they do that do you ask? By sticking a two story ferris wheel inside the store and a giant robotic dinosaur. Yes this toy store is pretty cool!

Abercrombie and Finch

I have never seen a store like this. We were amazed to see the people lining up to get a polaroid picture with two half naked and extremly attractive men standing out the front of the store. As we entered the store, it was just like any other clothes store except that it was kind of dark like a night club and it was blairing with music and surrounded by beautiful sales people who danced around the store. Quite odd I thought but worth a look!

Wall Street

The home of the world stock exchage and the origin of the GFC. Not a whole lot to see here really but this street is worth a visit to see where it all went down.

Empire State Building

We never visited the look out here, but just looking at this towering structure is impressive. It is the tallest structure in New York post 9/11 so you can’t miss it!

United Nations

The home to the United Nations can be found in New York. You can see this building on the double decker bus tour or you can pop in and have a look around as part of a tour.

Planet Hollywood

I know that Planet Hollywood is a chain commonly found across America but as a foreign tourist, I thought the Planet Hollywood in New York was pretty great! It is a restaurant filled to the brim with props and costumes from hollywood movies. While we waited for our meals, we took the time to wander around and have a look at all of the bits and pieces on display.

Have you been to New York?

Is there anything else you would add to this list? 


Unknown said...

Watch out if you go to New York this week. The US is on a government shutdown and all of the government run tourist attractions are shutdown.

Unknown said...

I love, love, LOVE NYC! We went there in 2004 and hoping to go back next year. I can't wait!

Caroline J said...

I've never been to New York so it was nice to see some lovely images here. Can I ask what 'the Top of the Rock is?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tania, I live just outside Brisbane, you've experienced lots of the things we hear about and see on television. Your photos really express the concepts of those spots. Sounds like your trip was amazing.

Rowdy Fairy said...

lorellemac - Oh nice! Where outside of Brisbane are you from? It really was a great trip and I hope you got something out of it that can help you if you decide to visit yourself :-)

Rowdy Fairy said...

Caroline J - Sure! Top of the Rock is a lookout at the top of Rockefeller Centre here is the link if you are interested: http://www.topoftherocknyc.com/

Manal said...

My daughter and I took a trip to New York for 5 days. Not enough time, there's so much to see. Top of The Rock definetely has the best view. I would add the NBC Studio tours, the Wax Museum and for a little cultural flavor, Little Italy, Greece and Little China. Nice post!

Phoebe | Lou Messugo said...

I love New York too! I've been twice, most recently as a surprise for a friend's 40th birthday which was just awesome! thanks for sharing your tips.

Unknown said...

Great pics! On our recent trip to NYC I was surprised at how LARGE Central Park was and how SMALL Times Square was. My favorite part - seeing a show on Broadway. Thanks for sharing your pictures!!

Sims Wishes said...

Nice suggestions Manal! Thanks for commenting ladies and I'm glad you enjoyed the post! :-)

Out One Ear - Linda Atwell said...

I love NY too. Have been to the first seven and a couple of the others. Love your ideas though and your photos! Am visiting from Blog Formatting. Nice to find you.

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