Blog Action Day - Save the Koala

 Today is Blog Action Day where Bloggers are encouraged to highlight important causes and charitable organisations. I have been meaning to shed some light on some worthwhile charities for a while and now I have finally come across this great blog initiative that has pushed me to do this. The charity I wish to highlight in my post here today is the Australian Koala Foundation.

Photo Courtesy of National Geographic 

Why We should Protect the Koalas:

I live in Australia where we are lucky enough to have some of the most amazing and unique wildlife in the world and one of the most well known native animals is the cute and cuddly Koala! Unfortunately with urban sprawl and a forever increasing population in our country, the human world is slowly encroaching on the Koala’s habitat. 

We have invaded the Koala's habitat so much that they are now listed as being vulnerable to extinction. Koalas are being killed by family pets, they are getting hit by cars when trying to cross a road and they are also being affected by natural disasters that ravage our country such as bush fires and drought. A large portion of the Koala population is also being affected by chlamydia which is just another terrible dose pushing Koalas closer to the brink of extinction.

Photo Courtesy of National Geographic

The Australian Koala Foundation:

Thankfully we have the Australian Koala Foundation who steps in to protect these amazing animals. They are dedicated to the conservation of Koalas and their habitat and they need your help! You can support the Australian Koala Foundation in many ways such as adopting a Koala, planting a tree or donating. Every little bit helps!

Please take a look at their website for yourself here: www.savethekoala.com 

Why I chose this Charity:

I chose to highlight this cause because I was strongly affected by a National Geographic article which details the plight of Koalas in my country, my state and even in my own city! You can find the article and pictures here. The graphic photos showing the sheer quantity of dead Koalas found in only one week was truly horrifying! As I read the article and saw the incredibly sad pictures I could not help but get emotional and upset about this. 

The Koala is a national treasure here in Australia and it is so upsetting to see that so many of them are dying because of us! As our population grows, the natural habitat and wildlife dwindles and it is a huge issue that is very difficult to face and overcome. This is why I felt the need to highlight this extremely important and heart wrenching topic about the plight of Koalas.

What charities do you support?

If there are any other causes you wish to highlight, share them here in my comments below.


Life Love and Hiccups said...

ohhh I had no idea about Blog Action Day or just how serious things are for our furry friends. That is so so sad. I support a number of causes but one I am very passionate about at the moment is Beyond Blue. I have seen too many people lose loved ones lately to Depression xx

Sims Wishes said...

Oh yes Beyond Blue is a good one! Thanks for sharing Sonia :-)

Unknown said...

My goodness, they are so cute, that's great that you are standing for a cause you believe in. Thanks for posting on my Pompeii post. There are so many other spot I haven't seen in Pompeii either, it's so big. Followed you on Bloglovin!

Brittany Ruth

Isa said...

I love this blog action day - I wish I had known yesterday! Although I'd never be able to pick an issue :P


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