Hair Accessories I Would Love to Own but I am too Hesitant to Buy

I am not at the forefront of fashion by any means. At times I try to be a bit daring with my outfits by wearing colourful prints or a unique piece of jewellery, however I am usually pretty safe when it comes to my hair. I always, and I mean always wear my hair down. I hate tying my hair up because it just doesn’t look good on me, and whenever I try to style my hair a particular way, I usually fail miserably because my hair is too thick and unmanageable causing hair ties and pins to fall out and break.  

I have realised however that another way to do something different to my hair is to add hair accessories. Sure it sounds easy enough to stick a little accessory in your hair and look great but I am hesitant. 

What if it doesn’t match any of my clothes? 

What if it goes out of trend too quickly? 

Will I be able to pull off the look? 

What if it looks just plain awful on me? 

I have battled with the urge to buy various forms of hair accessories for a while but I never follow through because these questions always hold me back. Here are a few examples of the hair accessories I love at the moment but am too hesitant to buy. All of the below products and images are courtesy of ASOS!

I think these little flower headbands are so cute but I fear wearing them in case I look like some crazed hippie walking down a city street wearing foliage in her hair. I think a hair decoration like this needs to be worn for the right occasion such as an outdoor venue or picnic maybe? If I wore something like this into the office at work, I’m sure my fellow workmates would be questioning my sanity.

There is something very feminine and cute about wearing a bow in your hair, but I have to wonder whether I am getting too old to pull off something like this? I am 26. If I throw on a pair of overalls and clutch a teddy bear while wearing this bow in my hair, I will instantly be transported back to the look I sported when I was 9 years old. Can a city woman really pull this head accessory off as just a bit of casual fun and not be mistaken for a country girl who has just come back from milking a cow? I wonder! 

I love a shiny, 20’s inspired headband. In fact, I love most 20’s inspired fashion pieces. I think a piece like this could only be pulled off with an evening outfit but it is a very specific look and you need the right outfit to go with it. I also wonder if this style of head band is more suited to women with straighter, flatter hair than mine, because I would worry that my frizzy wavy hair would stick out like a triangle from where the headband starts and my hair ends.

It’s pretty obvious that this is a statement piece and I think it is fabulous, but this head piece could go oh so wrong in many ways. I think it would be very hard to not be mistaken for a walking vase holding a bunch of flowers with the size of these flowers on display. There is also a high likely hood of looking like some form of fairy princess.

If there were any hair accessory I would most realistically buy, it would be this one. It is  so simple and seems so versatile. It is also a light gold colour that would blend in well with the hair and it is just enough bling to look a little bit special without going overboard. The only dilemma I have with this one is my notorious track record of hair clips falling out of my hair. My hair doesn’t like them and when I wear them, I find myself constantly re-securing the clips to my hair to keep them in place.

It probably sounds silly saying this but I would actually fear being somewhat culturally insensitive somehow by wearing a piece like this. Obviously these headpiece are inspired by traditional decorative Indian head pieces and they do look delicate and elegant but I also think that this is another piece where you need to get the outfit just right for it to look good, otherwise it will just look out of place. 

Also for your reference, this is my hairstyle as it currently stands. If you have any other ideas for hair accessories or hair styles I could use on my hair, I am totally open to suggestions and I would love your help!

Which hair accessories do you like?

Should I take the plunge and buy any of these for my hair? I would love to hear your recommendations!

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