My Revolution Obsession

It’s no secret that I am a bit of a sci-fi / post-apocalyptic fanatic. In fact Independence day and Armageddon are right up there as some of my favourite movies of all time, so I guess it will come as no surprise to you that I have developed an obsession with the TV series Revolution.
I love love LOVE this TV series! It is the first TV series that I have developed a somewhat unhealthy obsession over in a very long time, and when I develop an obsession over something, everyone needs to know about it and in my eyes everyone needs to like it! I know that is not going to happen realistically but I can try lol. So why do I think this TV series is so great? Let me show you why I love this show and why I think you will love it too :-)

The Storyline: 
Revolution is a TV series set in a post apocalyptic world 15 years after all of the electricity on the planet turned off and never turned on again. In this series you see the world thrown into chaos as society is reshaped to fit a world where electricity no longer exists.
Since this is a futuristic, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic series, there is bound to be a few little plot holes here and there, but I promise you these can all be overlooked because the story line is that good! I personally think that the storyline developing in this series is fantastic. 
Every character has their role to play in the film and you can see that it is a well put together series with continual character development and a clear end in mind, unlike other sci-fi series such as Lost where the story line truly gets lost as the series drags on. Revolution on the other hand has purpose that all of the characters are striving towards and it is that purpose that makes this TV series different to most sci-fi shows I have seen.

Both Myself and my Boyfriend Enjoy it: 
That’s right people, it is one of those series where you can sit down as a couple and you will both enjoy watching it. Sometimes it can be hard to find a series like this. Often a show may be too girly or rom-com for my boyfriend to like it or too violent and action packed for me to want to watch it, but I think this series is a great blend of both. 
Yes there is a lot of action in this series but what I love most about it is how they have developed the characters and the story line. All of the characters are likeable and relatable and there is a great balance of emotion and action in every episode. The story line also makes you think. You don’t know what is going to happen next which makes you look forward to every episode.

Strong Female Characters:
There are some real kick ass chicks in this TV series. I really enjoy watching a show where the women can defend themselves as much as the men. There are no damsels in distress here and in many episodes you will actually find a woman saving a male character from a sticky situation. Strong female characters really connect with me because it makes me feel like a strong capable woman too. With society today pushing for gender equality, it is great to see this reflected in the media and in the TV shows we watch.  

Where to Watch it:
Over in the USA, the second series is currently airing on NBC. I do hope you watch and support this series over there in the states because I understand the ratings have been slipping, and it is up to the American viewers to keep watching to ensure that this series stays on for future seasons.
In Australia, Season 1 will be premiering  on Channel 9 Tuesday Night November 5th at 8.30pm. I understand the series has also already been airing on Foxtel. Australian viewers can also watch season 1 online with Quickflix!

If you have seen Revolution, I would love to hear your thoughts on the series! 

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