On The Weekend: Shopping, Food, Books and Plants

This weekend wasn't just any weekend. It was a long weekend! On Monday it was the labour day public holiday and it was so great to have an extra day to extend the weekend. The only downside to labour day is that nothing is open, as you can see in the picture above. Thats ok tho, I was just happy to have a long weekend!

On Saturday, I caught up with some friends over lunch in the Brisbane suburb of Bulimba. I haven't been to this area in a long time so I was excited to head out there again and explore. As I was walking to meet my friends, I snapped a quick pic of this gorgeous looking church! 

My friends and I decided to meet at this cute little cafe and book store called Riverbend Books and Teahouse.

I ordered an avocado and fetta smash with prosciutto and it was sooo damn good! The other two girls ordered eggs benedict. 

After we finished eating we had a wander around inside the book store. Check out the eco book bags on the shelf. Love these!

We then had a wander around the local shops and we found some great little places selling some unique and beautiful things!

The best thing that I found while wandering the shops was these amazing wooden sunglasses by rare rabbit! I am kicking myself now for not buying them!

After a lovely day out in Bulimba on Saturday, I headed to Chermside shopping centre on Sunday to catch up with another friend over lunch and to do some more shopping! The best thing I found at Chermside was this 30% off sale for Review clothes in Myer! I have just recently fallen in love with this brand of clothing because it is so pretty and elegant however I am yet to purchase a piece of clothing from them. Despite the sale, I spent too much time procrastinating and I didn't end up buying a pretty dress. Boo :-(

I spent my money on a weeks worth of groceries instead and by the time I had gotten the shopping done, the sun was beginning to set and the car park was practically empty.

On Monday, my boyfriend really wanted to buy a venus fly trap to add to the garden, and despite it being the labour day holiday, he was convinced we would find a garden shop that was open, and he was right! We found this lovely little family owned garden shop that was having a closing down sale. Unfortunately there weren't any venus fly traps there but it was lovely to just have a wander around and look at all the plants.  

I also had to sneak a little selfie of us in there somewhere too. I'm sure you can appreciate my boyfriend's enthusiasm about being part of this selfie! 

Other than this, I pretty much washed my car, ended up buying cheaper clothes from Chermside that my bank account would be happier about, had a looksie at some DSLR cameras and watched the end of Breaking Bad.

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How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything exciting? 


Courtney B said...

What a great weekend! You did so much :) Sometimes I really hate being responsible and spending my money on the groceries I HAVE to have instead of the clothes I WANT to have, ha!
You and your boyfriend make a CUTE couple!!

Lauren said...

Those sunglasses are fantastic! Thanks for joining us for the hop!

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