On the Weekend: Shorncliffe

Another week has passed and a new weekend has arrived again! I have a lot to update you on this week but before I get onto everything weekend related, I have to share this picture of me with someone I am sure you will recognise. If you are afraid of clowns, look away now!

Yes it is the clown of all clowns, Ronald McDonald. He just popped into our work for a visit as you do! 

Now onto the weekend! On Saturday I visited Shorncliffe Beach with my mum, aunty and the dogs! It is such a lovely area to walk around. The streets are lined with beautiful big queensland houses and cute corner stores. I will be sharing a post soon all about the houses of Shorncliffe because they deserve their own post, but today I will be sharing some photos of our walk along the water. 

There is a lovely walkway the runs right next to the water line. This walkway stretches quite a long way until we come across a little family picnic, playground and beach area filled with families making the most of the beautiful day. We took the dogs down to the water for a bit of a paddle.

Another highlight of Shorncliffe is the beautiful big jetty that extends out into the water. It is very nice to look at but we can't walk on it currently because it is closed. This structure was going to be torn down because it is so old and unstable but thanks public petitions, they have decided to keep it.

Because I am so snap happy, I just had to take a few little artistic photos of the water and walkways using my Instagram filters. They are such simple photos but I really like them! Also just so you know, the water wasn't really that blue. You can thank a bit of Instagram magic for that!

The areas of Shorncliffe, Sandgate and Scarborough on Brisbane North side are truly lovely places to discover, filled with historical buildings and restored original Queenslander houses. These suburbs are where our city meets the ocean but you could hardly say you are in the city anymore when you visit this quaint, quiet and simple seaside location. 

It was also my mother's birthday this weekend so my boyfriend and I made a Terrarium just for her. This time we purchased a much larger container and found this amazing purple plant as a centre piece.

And finally, I would like to share my most exciting piece of news! My friend and I have officially booked our holiday to Tokyo next year! We will b visiting this amazing city in March for two weeks! We will be spending three days at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea and we will also be exploring Tokyo and surrounding areas for the remainder of the trip. We can't wait we are so excited! :-)

What better way is there to finish a post than to finish it off with a picture of a Cat!? This is Kimba using her camouflage skills to blend in with the drive way.

How was your weekend? I hope the weather in your part of the world has been as beautiful as it has been here!

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