Our Secret Piece of Paradise

It's about time I bring you all a travel post that is a little closer to home. The little piece of paradise I am highlighting today is in New South Wales. My boyfriend and I were planning a camping holiday earlier this year and we wanted to camp somewhere different to the usual family holiday spots filled with swarms of people. After a lot of searching I finally found this little gem!

It literally is the perfect place to camp. There is the beach, the bush, lots of wildlife and there is hardly anyone there! You will often find yourself walking along the beach by yourself! The only downside is the campgrounds do not have showers, they only have drop toilets, and they can only be accessed by 4WD but if you can bear with this, it is worth visiting this great little secret hideaway! There is a small town nearby however if you wish to pick up some supplies.

Our camping spot was so fantastic that we had our very own ocean views, a picnic table, a camp fire and our own little path down to a pristine and secluded beach. Just perfection!

Where is it?

I don’t want to tell too much I’m sorry because I am afraid if too many people know about our secret hideaway, everyone will want to visit and it will loose its unique seclusion and serenity. What I will tell you however is that the campsite we stayed at is located in a national park which happens to be one of the few national parks that also takes up a decent chunk of the coastline. I’m sure if you really want to visit, this will be enough information for you to google it and find it!

Why is it so special?

This national park is famous for having rare coastal emu’s, however their numbers are drastically dwindling. You will also find heaps of Kangaroos in this national park. Depending which campground you pick, You could even walk up in the morning to find a group of Kangaroos casually laying in the grass in front of your tent. Most of them are not afraid of people! We also came across many native birds such as Kookaburras as well as huge Goannas that casually roamed around our tent. 

The other natural wonders include the pristine and secluded beaches, rivers and waterholes, the vast bushland dotted with walking tracks as well as lookouts with sweeping coastal views.

What is there to do?

Despite the lack of civilisation on a holiday like this, there is plenty to do! We had a whole week here and enjoyed every bit of it. We spent out time bush walking, star gazing, swimming, kayaking, fishing, cooking on a campfire, taking heaps of photos and most of all relaxing!

If you live overseas and are thinking of visiting Australia, or if your are from Australia and haven’t taken the time to explore the natural wonders of our country, I can not express enough how amazing a holiday like this is! 

There are so many great natural wonders to explore in our country and I look forward to finding even more amazing natural wonders myself on future camping adventures!

Do you think you know this little piece of paradise? 

I would love to know if anyone can guess where this secret hideaway of ours is!


Fiona said...

oh so lovely, I tend to stick with Queensland when exploring even though NSW is often a shorter drive :P I must venture south!

Marlen said...

these are such lovely pictures, and what an amazing place to camp! i can imagine hours of exploring there. and i havent been camping since i was 7- that kind of getaway is most needed ;)

xo marlen
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Sims Wishes said...

Oh for sure! The downside to camping is the time it takes to set up the camp and pull it down again but it is worth it to stay at a place like this :-)

joanne said...

I've never been camping.. everyone always says they will take me but then it never happens. the other day some friends were saying that the problem around here was leeches?!? but that spot looks spectacular. I am going to try too google it and find your secret. I promise not to tell


Sims Wishes said...

I have only been camping for a few years myself since my bf got a 4WD ute! We didn't have any problems with ticks or Leeches at this camp site. I do think it depends where you camp! I wouldn't like camping in a spot with leeches and ticks either!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh gosh, everything looks so lovely here! i love camping, and spending time outdoors. this would be a great spot for me!

lindsey louise


Sims Wishes said...

You would love it Lindsey!

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