Sponsor Spotlight: Paperwolf Interview and Giveaway!

I have a very special interview and giveaway to share with you all today! 

This sponsor spotlight is all about Paperwolf and you have a chance to win four amazing build your own paper creations! Check out the interview below to learn more about the products and the person behind Paperwolf, then put your name in the draw to win some fantastic Paperwolf paper creations!

Win these paper creations for Paperwolf as part of the Rowdy Fairy Giveaway


Tell us about your products and Etsy store! What do you sell and what is Paperwolf all about?

Paperwolf is my label under which I design and sell 3D papercraft templates. Mostly animal trophies, but also postcards as well as big and small paper sculptures. 

Tell us about yourself! Who is the person behind Paperwolf?

My real-life name is Wolfram Kampffmeyer. I'm German, born 31 years ago. I've studied Computer Animation at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Computer Animation often starts with creating a virtual 3D model. PAPERWOLF takes over from here and creates a papercraft model out of it :-)

How would you describe your products? What makes them special and unique?

I'm probably not the only person who is able to create 3D paper craft models like this, but like every designer, it's what comes out on the other side that makes it special or unique. My products are in-between minimalism and realism. Take the Elephant for example - You clearly see what it shall be - yet it's polygonal and reduced. It's all about finding the essence of the animal, and trying to make it visible although I'm restricted to a reasonable amount of polygons. 

How and why did you start making these products?

 It all started in one of my last years at university when I discovered a program that helps to transfor a virtual 3D model into a 3D papercraft template. I used the main character of one of my short animations and made a paper sculpture out of it. I liked it, so I designed a model especially for being a papercraft. That's how my Little Big Piggy was done. 

This also was the first model I offered for sale on European-based online platform DaWanda. Customers didn't find me very fast but once I've added some more products and finally created my trophy series "The Big Five", the word of Paperwolf spread and business started. With being on Etsy now I've started discovering the international market. Here, my Unicorn runs best. It's already in Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Korea and United Kingdom :-)

How did you come up with the name Paperwolf?

 That's an easy one. My name is Wolfram and I sell paper products. So Paperwolf is a fusion of those two things. Sometimes people ask me why I don't offer a paper wolf actually. Well, I indeed plan to do so in the near future but it will have to be a master piece :-)

Where do you get your inspiration from?

 When sitting in the bath tub. ;-) just kidding. I can't really tell. Sometimes all the sudden I have a idea, no, a need to create a new figure, or a series of animals that are somehow connected (Africa's Big Five, or my unfinished "Horns Trilogy"). Or fulfilling a customer's wish.

What is your creative process when developing these products?

 In the beginning there's always research. For example I will look on the internet for as many pictures I can get for a deer. Then I try to figure out which pictures show me the essence of the deer in general. When I believe I've got it, I start modelling in my 3D program, do more research, ask my wife for her opinion and finally decide it's time to do it in paper. I build my prototype model, improve here and there in the 3D program and when I'm satisfied, I take product pictures, design the construction manual and put it online.

What is your favourite piece and why?

 For sentimental reasons it's still my Little Big Piggy sculpture. Since it was my first paper model and it's really sweet. But actually there is a new one coming up soon, and prototype is already finished. Pssst, it's a cow :-). It's beautiful and you can see the cow's gentle character very clearly. I can't wait to share it with you! 


Now it is time for you to win some fab prizes from Paperwolf

Enter the competition below via email or Facebook and if you win, we will get in contact with you to send you your prize! Give yourself more chances to win by tweeting about this giveaway and liking the Rowdy Fairy and Paperwolf Facebook pages!

The competition closes at midnight on the 14th of October and you can enter as many times as you like! 

Good luck! :-)

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Jackie Ohhhh said...

Wow! What amazing creations! I would love one in my house. What a focal point!

Unknown said...

OMG Or A Gamie.

Unknown said...

Good luck on your first Raffle. We are just finishing up our first as well. Stop on in if you can http://www.bucknrunranch.com/blog/2013/09/30/autumn-treat-give-a-way/

EnchantedHoneyBee said...

I tried to leave a comment in your generator but it wasn't going through. Anyways I think this is so wonderful. So creative, I love it! I hope I win *fingers crossed*!

Unknown said...

these are so cool! i would like to get one... thanks for this interview
:) Jane, SeamsTheory

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