Sponsor Spotlight: The Wandering Trails by MissLiltyn and Nini-Ninique

I have a lovely interview to share with you today from my fantastic sponsors Nini-Ninique and MissLiltyn  who are launching their new collaborative Spring line and photography portfolio 'The Wandering Trails'

The Wandering Trails includes clothing and hair pieces made by MissLiltyn creator Neenah as well as crotchet pieces made by Nini-Ninique creator and photographer Janine. Janine is also the photographer behind the amazing photos taken for this collection.

I will let the girls tell you more about this fantastic Spring collection!

Questions for Neenah from Missliltyn:

Tell us about your new spring line 'The Wandering Trails'. What can we expect to find in this collection?

 The wandering trails, is based on 'Spring' new life. Cute flowers have sprung, trees have bloomed, meadows are green. The Wandering Trails includes lot's of hand made / crafts pieces. Janine from nini-ninique has created beautiful fruits and hair pieces for the ladies to wear and I have made the outfits to fit these pieces and hair accessories.

What inspired you to create this collection?

I am inspired by Bambi! all the vintage floral patterns, the greens and of coarse the Bambi and rabbit fabric patterns. But in saying this, my inspirations is the vintage 1950's-60's era and the retro feel, but also a little touch of modern fashion.

How would you describe your style?

MissLiltyn's  style has a modern feel and a vintage touch in every outfit I make. It's not about looking sexy, or revealing parts of your tummy or your upper thighs, like the fashion now. It's about finding your inner lady

My style is about making every girl with different shapes and sizes to feel confident, adored, beautiful and happy. I mixed materials that stand out so the outfit will be noticed. I try and make each outfit with a individual spark. Missliltyn is all about having something a little different to each outfit. 

Every girl hates it when you find that pretty dress at the shops and decide to wear it, then you find someone else wearing it the same day! hahah you feel that the other girl is wearing it better and you get a little embarrassed lol. Missliltyn is about having differences where people look and say, wow where did you get that dress?

What items do you enjoy creating the most?

 I am a creator, I love everything I do that lead up to creating something. I'm self taught so i try and create something new ever month. I enjoy every minute, sitting down in front of my 4 machines, getting inspired by watching Disney movies and trying to place this on outfits i make.

Tell us about your journey to become a designer.

It is extremely hard lol. There is so much competition, but in saying that I never look at another designer's artwork and think negatively  I think of how much effort and creativeness they have put using there hands to create this, ITS A BEAUTIFUL THING .

 I remember a memory when I was 6 years old, my mum took me on a tip, where you can find mountains of clothes and toys and home-ware items and buy them for very cheap. As a kid I always loved clothes, trying my mums retro 80's clothes and heels, putting her make up on. As I was running up the clothes mountain ( my mum said I can fill a plastic bag for $2)  I was so excited to find a little pink children's sewing machine on top of the clothed mountain. i picked it up, raced down the mountain of clothes and showed my mum begging for her to get it for me, she did of coarse. So i took it home and tried to use it, using my mums colourful rainbow threads. I didn't know how to use it,i didn't care if it didn't work. I used my imagination to create things to wear and make. 

Ever since then, I loved going op shopping with my mum and my step mum, finding endless treasure of fashion. when I was a teenager I always made dresses out of vintage and retro clothing, and my girlfriends always wanted to wear my dresses. I stopped for a while trying to find who i am and what i can give to this world, until i met my beautiful partner that helped me see that I can do this. I can achieve and I can show people that designing a outfit is a wonderful thing.

Questions for Janine from Nini-Ninique:

How would you describe your style of photography?

I prefer to see the world in a different light; my camera is an instrument allowing me to create an imaginative, colourful world. Once the photos are on my computer I play with the saturation, exposure & vibrance to re-create an image to have a vintage, pastel appearance or sometimes it turns out bold and unrealistic.  

Which camera do you like to use?  

I switch between using my Nikon D7000 and a Go Pro Hero 3 [black edition].

Tell us about 'The Wandering Trails'. How would you describe this collection?

It’s a seasonal look book entwining crochet accessories and props with a classical vintage range of clothing from Miss Liltyn. It gives me the opportunity to experiment and create with a variety of yarns, cords and threads. Over time I would love to see the collection unfold and see how I can utilise crochet props and accessories in unique creative ways.

What do you enjoy taking photos of the most?

I enjoy taking photos of the beauty that entails my life. These days I am inseparable from my go pro and take it with me on the surf, dive, snorkel or any adventure I undertake.

Tell us about your journey to become a photographer.

 I had a natural eye for taking photos throughout my childhood however It wasn’t till my first year of university I had the opportunity to learn photography from people on campus and of course self study through Youtube tutorial. I bought my first point and shoot compact Lumix camera in 2005, which was perfect for learning. I was given a Nikon D40x as my first DSLR. I was never satisfied with pictures I took and eventually taught myself through tutorials and readings how to Photoshop and edit in Adobe Lightroom. I am currently using a Nikon d7000 and I couldn’t live without my Go Pro Hero 3, so handy and versatile.

 My favourite moment as a photographer is uploading the pictures onto my laptop. I will make a cup of coffee and have my music ready, as it is impossible to deter me away from my laptop once I start. Some photos I edit with ease but I love the challenging shots where I switch between Youtube and Photoshop to learn a new technique or style.

Questions for Neenah and Janine: 

How did you come to work together on this project?


Its actually faith! From quite awhile we have been liking and following each other's instagram and Janine had the confidence in emailing me to collaborate her business with mine and crate a shoot. After meeting and endless phone calls about what we want, how we create and what inspires us, we cannot believe how much we have in common and how much we want to show the world what we have got. This is just only one of many to come =]


For some years now I have wanted to create a photography series that entangles classic vintage fashion and crochet accessories pieces. I contacted Neena Hargittai as I adored her fashion style and designs she posted on Instagram and Facebook.  After a few emails, calls and the convenience of living a few hours away, our energy and passion empowered us to create a variety of looks and our trails began with so many plans for the year 2014.

 What do you love most about this collection?

 The collection entwines everything we love. We feel fulfilled and inspired to see a ball of yarn or a cut of material be formed and be created into fashion statement. We plan, design and create each individual piece from scratch, it’s our own work, and something we are both proud of. To share this with people is what we love the most, our collection is being and getting inspired by other creators,photographers and designers =]

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