Stuff I'm into this week: Magazines, Blogging, Review, Vintage Advertising & Giveaways

When did I grow out of Magazines?
This post by Kikki and Tea really struck a chord with me because I have been thinking the same thing lately! I haven’t deliberately purchased a magazine in about five years! I used to love reading Cleo, Cosmo, Girlfriend and Dolly when I was in high school and in my early 20’s but the appeal really has worn off for me and I don't feel as tho these magazines are relevant to me anymore. Check out this post for Tamsin’s view on the topic!

Ten ways to build a blog community
This post from Kidspot provides some handy tips about how you can build a community around your blog! There are some great tips and ideas in here. Check it out!

 Review Fashion Line
I am in love with the dresses and outfits by Review! They are so elegant and feminine and the style really throws back to the classic 50’s look. I usually dress pretty casual. I love my jeans and singlet tops and I wonder if I could pull this style off and look like a lady! I will buy one of these dresses one day and you can judge for yourself :-)

Why doesn’t advertising look like this anymore?
You can probably tell that I love the blog Messy Nessy Chic because I reference it so much in my ‘Stuff I’m into This week’ features! This week I would like to share this post gloating about the classic look of advertising from yesteryear. I have a genuine interest in advertising, and especially vintage advertising, because it gives us a glimpse into history. Take a look for yourself at these beautiful advertising images!


I just found out today that I won the fabulous giveaway over at Kitty and Buck's blog! The prize includes $25 store credit at Word to Your Unicorn, medium ad space on Little Tree and a handmade necklace from Tera Sue! So exciting :-)

I also have my very first giveaway ever going on this week where you can win some fab prizes from Paperwolf! Make sure you get your entries in before the raffle closes on the 16th of October!


Your Beauty Fix said...

it had been a while since i purchased a magazine before signing up for allure. between all of their giveaways and their insightful blogger interviews... i was pretty much sucked in. but ive been loving it!


Unknown said...

I purchase magazines more now for work purposes, studying them for their tone, the articles they use and their audience so I can pitch to write for them. My fav are good health, women's health, practical parenting, and cosmo but there are so many nice mags out there too that are interesting too!

Rowdy Fairy said...

Yeah I totally get that, great idea for work purposes! The first mag I have been interested in a while now is Peppermint :-)

Rowdy Fairy said...

Your Beauty Fix - I have never read allure, I might have to check that one out! :-)

Rachel said...

I never really got into reading magazines. Maybe if I was hanging out at the library, but I never bought them! I've never heard of that dress brand before, I want to check them out!

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