The Magical Town of Meissen

Meissen is a beautiful little historical town which can be found only a short train ride away from the city of Dresden in Germany. When we visited the wonderful city of Dresden on our travels, we had never planned to go to Meissen. In fact we had never even heard of the place, but we were so glad we went out of our way to make this journey.

As we stepped off of the train and walked towards the river, we were faced with this lovely little castle and town sitting on a hill across the river. It was like a town you would see in a fairy tale. As we crossed the bridge into town, we were delighted to see local market stalls in the streets selling local produce and hand made trinkets. It was as if we had been transported back to the medieval age as we walked past these stunning old german buildings along cobblestone streets. 

The best part of wandering this marvellous little town was that we did not see any other tourists there. This town is like a tourist black spot and it truly was nice and refreshing to visit such a lovely place and not be surrounded by tourists.

As we weaved our way through the town up towards the castle, we had to inquire about taking a tour of the castle which also included taking us to the very top to look at the view across the landscape. We were soon greeted by a lovely German lady who spoke no English and as there were no other tourists there, we had our very own private tour.

The tour lady tried her best to explain the landmark in German to us and I did my best to understand what she was saying with the two years of German I had studied in school. As we wove through the narrow stairwells of the castle, we kept climbing higher and higher, and just as I think we are at the top, we go higher again. 

The view from the top of this amazing castle was incredible and to be the only ones up there was a real treat! When we reached the top, we were standing in line with the gargoyles that watch over this building as we peered down at the town below.

Our tour guide was happy to take photos for us and let us take our time to look around. This trip to the top of the castle truly was a highlight of our day out to Meissen!

Our day was not over yet however. Thanks to a Dresden local, we were told that we could catch a steam boat on the river Elbe that stretches from Meissen back to Dresden. Lucky for us, we managed to find the steamboat dock and the boat just happened to be arriving in the next 20 minuets. We couldn't believe our luck!

As we saw the steamboat arrive, it was lovely to look at. It also did not take long for us to realise that my boyfriend and myself were the only non German people on the entire boat. We were made aware of this when the man who we bought the ticket off decided to say something in German as everyone boarded. I don't know exactly what he said but I know the word 'English' was in there followed by him pointing at us, which resulted in everyone looking at us. I don't think it was anything negative however. I just think that because we were the only foreign tourists on board, it was worth pointing us out in the crowd! 

It was a lovely leisurely ride along the river watching the landscape pass us by, however the trip ended up taking much longer than expected so instead of getting the steam boat right back to Dresden, we hopped off in another town and got the train back to the city.

Overall this was a magnificent trip! If you ever find yourself in this part of the world, I highly recommend a day visit out to the lovely little historical town of Meissen!

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