Time Capsules In the Bottom of a Draw

My parents have moved out of our family home recently and in the process of cleaning and packing, my sister found these little time capsules sitting in the bottom of the draw. Each piece transported me back to my childhood. Another time when things were different. Here are some of the best items that we found.

Do you remember when phones looked like this? Once upon a time, mobile phones had antennas and push buttons, and they didn't have games or apps. This newspaper clipping featuring a stone age mobile phone advertisement really shows how far we have come in mobile phone technology. 

Do you remember the Y2K bug and how the world was suppose to end in the year 2000? It didn't sound so crazy back then, but everyone thought that somehow our computers would destroy the world when the millennium clicked over. My Aunty even spent thousands of dollars to Y2K proof her computer! Thankfully we had this book which told us all about 'The Year 2000 Problem'.

This is a lovely collection of KFC hand wipes representing three different eras of KFC branding and advertising. My mum used to collect these to take with us on day trips when we were kids to clean our hands, but as you can see, she would often put them in a draw and forget about them.

These are admission tickets to Tops! Tops was an amazing mini theme park in the top level of a shopping centre in the city. I used to love going there as a kid but it was removed many years ago. The theme park had a dragon roller coaster which weaved around inside the top level of the mall as well as a swinging ship suspended on the ceiling, a ferris wheel and amazing playgrounds. I had great childhood memories there. 

Do you keep any little time capsules like these in your draws? 

Have you found anything like this in your house recently?


Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I remember the whole Y2K so called disaster...that never happened! Wow, and are those cell phones in that newspaper pic. My how things have changed. I'm kind of a hoarder so I'm surprised I don't have more "time capsule" type items around the house.

Sims Wishes said...

Thanks for your comment Cece. I know I was amazed we found this stuff. We probably would never have found this stuff if my parents wern't moving! :-)

Fiona said...

Wow tops! Blast from the past, I wonder why they took it away it was magical. Do you remember the fairy shop, and the lady would sprinkle you with glitter! Ahhh soo good

I definitely had a brick phone and possibly also a KFC refresher towel collecting problem. Do you know though after too many years they stop being a refresher and start just being a towel :P

Sims Wishes said...

burntfeather - Omg I completely forgot about that fairy shop and you just reminded me! Haha yes I have also experienced the 'dry' most towels. Really defeats the point of keeping them huh!

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