When I was 'In Bruges'

The movie ‘In Bruges’ was the only reference I had to this amazing little town in Belgium. To be honest I didn’t expect much because they really didn’t talk the place up in the movie, but this mysterious little town turned out to be quite a charmer! So I have come up with this list of things you might not know about Bruges, which I hope will encourage you to pay this little town a visit next time you visit Europe!

Things you might not know about Bruges:

 Frits mit Mayo!
Did you know that Belgium is the home of french fries? Despite the name, it was not the French that invented this delicious crispy goodness.
In Belgium they call them ‘Frits’ and when in Belgium you must have your Frits with Mayo! The Frits really taste great and combined with the best tasting mayonnaise I have ever had, it makes for a killer combo! 
Bruges is also the home of the Fries Museum, so if you want to know all about the history of the french fry, this is the place to be.

The Venice of the North
That’s right, Venice is not the only European town filled with winding canals. Bruges is also home to a weaving array of canals, which is why this town is commonly known as the little venice of the north. The canals are pretty much used to transport tourists around to look at the sights but you will occasionally see locals taking a leisurely trip down the narrow winding canals in their boats also.

Bruges also has a huge array of crocheted lace shops filled with wonderful handmade pieces. It is pretty much the homeland for this stuff and they have been making it since the 17th century. So if you want to buy a new quality lacy doily for your grandma, this is the place to find it!

Belgian Chocolate 
Belgian Chocolate has got to be some of the best chocolate I have ever eaten, and when you buy it from one of the super cute and unique chocolate shops that line the streets of Bruges, it makes it extra special! It would take a long time to try all of the different chocolates that are sold in this town and I only wish I could have stayed longer to try more of their chocolate delights!

Beer and Muscles
These are my boyfriend's favourite finds during our visit to Bruges. He set his sights on tastings as many different belgian beers as he could and they were all served in unique shaped glasses. He is also a fan of seafood and we were told that muscles in Bruges are amazing. I'm not a seafood fan but my boyfriend thought they were amazing! It is not hard to find them either as every restaurant tries to entice you with their own pots of steaming muscles.  

One thing the movie did get right however is how cold it is, so make sure you are rugged up if you visit! It was also overcast most of the time while we were there, just like the movie but I think it really added to the medieval, and mysterious feel to the place.

Have you ever been to Bruges? Would you like to visit?


Luna LaBlue of My Lowercase Life said...

Now I want to go to Bruges. It looks so cute!

Unknown said...

Bruges is one of my favourite European destinations. It is so beautiful. The canals (I'm sure I have a photo of me standing on that same bridge!), the quaint little shops, the gorgeous square, the hidden little back streets. We got lost walking home to our hotel one night on those back streets, but it was great as we saw so many little houses and streets that we otherwise wouldn't have. Oh and my mouth is salivating for those frits and chocolate now too!

Frøken Lyngsø said...

You have just convinced me that I have to visit this town :D

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