Why Bloglovin is so Great!

Why Bloglovin is so great

I will let you in on a little secret. Bloglovin was a big reason behind why I started this blog. Yes it’s true!
To be honest I never used to be much of a blog reader until I found Bloglovin. I would read blogs sparingly as I found the Google reader cumbersome and unattractive and I never even knew what an RSS feed was! It wasn’t until I found Bloglovin that I really fell in love with blogs.

Bloglovin is an easy to use and attractive website and blog reader where I can easily find and follow blogs that I am interested in. When I first discovered Bloglovin, I could also see that it would be the perfect platform for me to launch my own blog, because the ease of use and convenience of Bloglovin really helps to build readership and followers.
Bloglovin makes it easy for non-blog readers to start reading blogs! It’s easy to use and it is the perfect alternative for people who may enjoy reading magazines but are looking to read something different from a new, less main stream perspective!
I really do hope that Bloglovin promotes themselves to the masses more because I believe a lot of people would jump on board and start creating their very own blog reading list to scroll through and read at their work desk in their lunch break, on the train commuting to work, to have some me time at home after looking after the kids or just to have something to read on a relaxing weekend or day off. 

Here is a quick sum up of why I think Bloglovin is so great and why Blogs are even better because of it!
why is bloglovin so great?

It is so easy to search for blogs that you may be interested in reading, adding them to your reading list and controlling the reading experience for yourself. You get to choose which posts you wish to read and which blogs to follow. Not to mention your reading list is right at your fingertips on your computer, phone or tablet.

Cheap Read: 
It goes without saying that reading blogs on Bloglovin is cheaper than going to the local newsagent and purchasing a magazine! You get similar content that you would usually find in a magazine but it doesn’t cost you anything to read it!


Instead of following one website or reading one magazine that usually focus on similar topics, on Bloglovin, you can have as much or as little variety as you want by cataloging all of your favourite blogs in one place! If you love fashion, music, history, DIY, food and photography, you can find blogs and posts on all of this and more through Bloglovin!

The posts and blogs that you come across on Bloglovin will often be more personal and relatable than your typical mass media magazine or website. Blogs are often written by everyday people who have a family and a job and they often deal with the same day to day dramas that you do, so it won’t be hard to find a blog or post to read that can relate to you!

When you read blogs, you can also get interactive with most of the blogs you choose to follow by leaving comments on the blog, emailing the blogger for suggestions and advice, putting your name in the draw for a giveaway and begin involved with a range of interactive challenges and competitions that are hosted by the blogger. 

Bloggers value your opinion and input and when you leave a comment on a blog or send an email, you will almost always receive a personal response from the blogger themselves! Bloggers can also see who is following their blogs via Bloglovin and bloggers love their followers, so when you follow and interact with a blog regularly, the blogger will usually go out of their way to make you feel special!

Do you follow blogs on Bloglovin?
Do you love this blog reader platform as much as I do?
You can even follow me on Bloglovin if you like! 

If you have a blog of your own, add your bloglovin link to the comments below and I will follow you right back! :-)


Linsey Wigmore said...

Hi, bloglovin is also the reason I started my blog. I loved reading about other people's lives and realised it was a way I could express myself.

Linsey xx


Irene said...

I'm already following you on Bloglovin'. In fact, I like your blog that much that I just nominated you for a Lovely Blog Award on my blog. Hope you appreciate it :D
Have a nice day xo

Sims Wishes said...

Irene - Thank you so much Irene! I am so glad to hear you like my blog, I really appreciate it :-)

Sims Wishes said...

Linsey - Yes I totally agree! :-)

MrsTee said...

I think BlogLovin is an awesome tool! I can keep up with all my favorite Bloggers and their post and even my favorite Link Ups...Great Post! Thanks for sharing...

Sims Wishes said...

Thanks Mrsteeh! I have also started following your blog on Bloglovin! Thanks for your comment :-)

Janet Camilleri said...

I am loving Bloglovin too - never liked Feedburner or Google Reader or whatever. Have added you to my BlogLovin!

Janet Camilleri said...

PS my blog is Redland City Living :-)

Sims Wishes said...

Thanks Janet! I have followed you back on Bloglovin too :-)

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